glaive toss and dire beast macro?

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i was just wondering. since direbeast has a 30 sec cd and glaive toss has a 15 sec cd and bothshould be used on cd, if it is okay to macro the two of them together? Thanks for the help and im playing a survival hunter.

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I'm with Tehstool on this but if you want to try, I believe;

/cast dire beast

/cast glaive toss

may work to cast dire when it is up and then cast glaive if not. But they are both on GCD so you can't cast both at the same time making this a bit futile to me.

You could also castsequence them but I've usually found them a bit unpredicatable in functionality.

A better macro to be looking into would be the tier macros as detailed in the second post below. Give me a shout if you are having trouble with this.


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The macro I use is:


/castsequence reset=target/7 Glaive Toss, Dire Beast

After you you use Glaive Toss, the icon will be replaced with Dire Beast for 7 seconds or until you target something else

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