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Hey everyone,
I was just wondering if I could get some help with my BM hunter DPS? It seems way too low for my ilvl (currently 856/858). Of course it's much better on multiple targets, but even then it seems low. I recorded my overall DPS from a few dungeons;

Halls of Valor Heroic; 223k
Vault of the Wardens Mythic; 185k
Blackrook Hold Mythic; 275k
Court of Stars Mythic; 226k
Eye of Azshara; 191k

On the world boss, Flotsam, I put out 175-190k throughout the fight, which is just upsetting.

I've attached my stats (excuse the half transmog) and artifact in case there's anything helpful there, I'm hoping things will improve as soon as I get Titan's Thunder but I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure I've missed something important - I was putting out excellent dps through the last few expansions. I'm tempted to play more MM since they're obviously the better spec in Legion, but it would be nice to solve my BM problem.
Any help or advice is very much appreciated!



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You need to state your intentions a bit clearer, as it will determine what feedback you get.

1) Are you wanting to stay BM (for your own reasons) and improve it?

2) Are you all about dps purely, and simply want whatever spec gives you the highest numbers? (regardless of encounter or utility you provide)

To say MM is the better spec in the entire Legion expansion as a whole is a gross assumption without knowing what content you are focused on,  what your personal goals are, and some kind of detailed combat log showing what you did during an encounter.

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overall dps is fairly useless as a metric in this case. I suggest you log yourself (using warcraft logs or similar) in some mythic dungeons or lfr and provide a link to it. That that will provide all the information someone would need to be able to help you.  

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The only guidance I can give you is reiterating what Azor's BM guide already says.

One thing to remember for dungeons is clearing trash is most important. It is the most time consuming and you want to talent around that ideology. Especially when getting into Mythic+. So talent into Volley and Stampede is pretty important. Then you just rotate your cooldowns. 1 Trash Pull use Stampede. The next use Bestial Wrath. The next use Aspect of the Wild, titans thunder, etc. I personally do this to make every trash pull more efficient. You can always stack cool downs for large pulls as well. This has been very effective for me. Always maintain beast cleave via Multi Shot and setup a weak aura cast bar for you to visually see when beast cleave is about to fall off. Then save some CD's as you get closer to the boss fight. Your DPS should be pretty high all the time if you do all of this.

You could have taken a better route on your artifact weapon. Putting points into Cobra Shot and Spirit Bond should have been after you got your 3rd gold trait. Taking this route offers a good chunk of a DPS boost via Titans Thunder. You can always reset your weapon and re-allocate points if it bothers you that much.

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I was actually thinking the exact same thing as you not long ago when I was around your ilvl. I was also really concerned about my single target dps (I'm assuming that's what you're most worried about). The first thing you should do, like other people have said, is to use warcraft logs. When I used warcraft logs, I realized that it wasn't my rotation that was the issue, it's purely a gear issue for me. When I was your ilvl I believe I was pulling around 200-210k dps on single target on long fights. What I didn't realize was that many other people who were pulling much higher dps at my ilvl had some combination of the following: Good trinkets, a good legendary (which I didn't have at the time), food buffs/flasks/defiled runes, and potions. Do not underestimate the difference these things make. Completely unbuffed, I can now easily pull 266k dps, and I have a legendary that doesn't help dps.


If I were you, I would start off by doing 2 things:

1. Using Warcraft Logs

2. Use SimulationCraft


This should help you see if your rotation is the issue or if it's just your gear. But in the end, beast mastery hunters don't currently shine on single target dps and that's just something you have to accept. However what you should appreciate is that, bm hunters are the #1 most mobile ranged class and do insane damage in dungeons due to our aoe dps.

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Well after taking a good 2 years off after hardcore and then farming Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar (back before mythic existed), I've just done my first full EN clear, and every boss was averaging at least or well over 240k dps as BM and I'm 2 ilvls lower than you.

The main differences I can see, is I have 10% more mastery than you, slightly less crit and slightly more haste. (Although tbh you have the 10% damage legendary ring so that shouldn't be a huge issue).

My artifact route was the one specified by Azor (and I'm still yet to get Titan's Thunder) and my artifact relics are all in Jaws of Thunder (Not by choice but pure luck that I've gotten 850-860 relics for that specific trait)

What talents are you running? Ideally I find stampede to be rubbish for anything other than low level mythic+ when you're pulling huge lots of mobs that need to be grinded down - killer cobra > everything always. 
And even volley, from every time I've tried it it never provides enough dps to make up for the fact I might get a few less multishots/kill commands in.

Maybe just prioritising your rotation? Do you use murder of crows with or without bestial wrath up? I honestly found that to be the biggest difference - it says on Icy-Veins to use that (or it did last I checked) BEFORE Bestial Wrath - but that's a 46%+ dps cd that makes a HUGE difference in damage for murder of crows. 

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Without any logs it will be difficult to help you, besides what my colleagues just said (Killer Cobra > ,  Jaws/leader relics > , etc...).

Do you use something like tellmewhen/Weak aura to  help you with your rotation? 

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there is also a pretty sweet site that u can upload your logs to it'll read your logs and show you what you need to do to improve as it takes the guess work and know how on how to read logs 4 u

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It is mathematically impossible for the Killer Cobra+Crows build to do more damage than the Stampede+Volley build in DUNGEONS.

The only time single target becomes priority in dungeons is during Mythic+10 while Tyrannical is the affix.

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9 hours ago, chicken said:

It is mathematically impossible for the Killer Cobra+Crows build to do more damage than the Stampede+Volley build in DUNGEONS.

The only time single target becomes priority in dungeons is during Mythic+10 while Tyrannical is the affix.

Is there evidence of this? Or is this anecdotal like I was discussing? 
I'd happily be proved wrong because I'd love to improve on my own character and do better in M+, but I've never had volley do more than 5-6% of my overall aoe dps, and I definitely find that on smaller mobs or chances where I can MoC more often, I get way more out of it and do far more dps on bosses.

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15 hours ago, Andanath said:

Is there evidence of this? Or is this anecdotal like I was discussing? 
I'd happily be proved wrong because I'd love to improve on my own character and do better in M+, but I've never had volley do more than 5-6% of my overall aoe dps, and I definitely find that on smaller mobs or chances where I can MoC more often, I get way more out of it and do far more dps on bosses.

Have you done Mythic+ yet?

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14 hours ago, chicken said:

Have you done Mythic+ yet?

Yes, dozens of times, I've just never found Volley to be of any use and my dps significantly decreased on both AoE and single target fights. I've yet to do much with stampede though, and I'll be honest about that, but to be honest most of the time I can't get into a group with competent enough single target dps that would more than make up for what I'd miss out on by not taking killer cobra.

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