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Holy Paladin help please :)

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I mained a Resto shammy for a while, and only recently started to play Holy Pally a few months ago. I'm currently raiding ToT with my raid group looking to move into heroics soon, although the raid leader hasn't mentioned much about our healing, he mentioned it needs to be higher for heroics and compared to our disc priest I feel like I am underperforming for my gear level.

I'm currently 526 ilvl and recently swapped from a mastery build to a crit build. I do like the crit build, but my hps didn't change very much when swapping. The one thing that I think i could be doing wrong is managing my CD's.

I'm used to shamans CD's with raid saving totems and the like, yet paladins ones are all just boosts to healing and I find I forget to use them and i'm not using them to their full potential. If i'm not mistaken we don't have a huge healing CD to blow to save the raid, and our only raid CD is aura mastery.

When we were attempting Heroic Jin'rokh I was really struggling during the lightning storm phases, my heals feel too slow and I cant get many off before I have to break cast and move to not get hit, and Holy paladins dont have many instant casts.

I also have a query about our T15 4 piece, is it worth using? I ask because I got the gloves from tortos last week, and they offer much more crit than the tier gloves, but to use them i would have to break my 4 piece, so I want to know how much of a difference the 4 piece makes.

Help would be appreciated :) I don't have anything on world of logs and I know i'm lacking information to give to you guys, but any help will be appreciated, I don't think I fully grasp paladin healing yet.

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Hello bitbite11,

I think you would helps us alot if you would mention how much healing/hps you do on a certain fight and how much your disc priest is doing (or even a third healer if your guild runs with 3 healers).

I gotte say i personally prefer a mastery build above a crit build and reach a hps of 96k on some fights with ilvl 531.

With your problem on Jin'rokh hc: indeed, this is very hard for holy paladins, just because the only thing we can really cast and move with is Holy Shock. In this would advice you to take the talent Holy Avenger. This will allow you to generate 3 holy power for everyone holy shock and so allow you to cast a light of dawn or eternal flame/word of glory.

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Thanks for the reply, I average about 55-60k hps on most fights and that goes up to about 75k on maegera. We did down heroic Jin'rokh using a stacking strategy which made it much easier to heal for me. We two heal all fights except for Consorts and Lei shen. Our disc priest is usually a good 10-15k hps above me but I feel like I am doing something wrong, as you can do 96k HPS with only a 5 ilvl advantage.

I'm thinking of going back to a mastery build, as even in my crit build, my mastery is accounting for most of my healing by far.

I follow the standard rotation of Holy shock on Cd, then holy light on someone other than beacon for low damage and divine light for bigger heals when I need them, I try to spread EF around but most of the time it ends up as overhealing.

I think my main problem is my use of CD's, I try to use them during phases of higher damage although I feel like i'm not making the most out of them. I don't have access to any logs of our fights, I also think i'm using GOAK wrong, i'm not quite sure how to properly maximize the healing it can provide.

Also, how much mastery/crit/haste/spirit are you running ATM? i'd like to have something to compare myself to.

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So you are running a single target Rotation all the time?? No Holy Radiance or Light of Dawn?... I am a 525iLVL Healadin Solodoc on Eonar. I am not the best by any means but have been a Holy Palli for 7-8 years lol. We use to be a tank healer but that is invalid anymore. Every class has the ability to do both really, just healadins tend to be better at keeping up one to two targets that are taking massive dmg. On Jin'rokh I am always top healer and I also have a Priest that is out healing me in a bad way lol. But Jin'rokh and Maegera you should blow him out of the water. I push 120k at least on those fights.

Single target during light dmg times using Holy Radiance as a single target heal and getting splash heals from it to the raid and using Holy Shock after Holy Radiance (Because of the passive Daybreak it is also a splash healz spell) Holy Radiance turns Holy Shock into an aoe. Once you have 3 or more holy power hitting EF which is procing bubbles from mastery and EF is a HoT. Right now (Until 5.4 at least) we can proc bubbles from all direct healz and we also proc bubbles from each tick of EF so use the poop out of that!!!

The only huge difference I use is when everyone groups or most are I throw Lights Hammer into the group and use Light of Dawn instead of EF but I normaly have a constent EF on the MT.

I just switched to a Haste build from my normal Mastery build and I dont think I will like it. We will see. I do know that on Jin'rokh LFR in Crit build I was doing 96K at the end of the fight and in Haste build I was doing 120K I did not get a set score for my Mastery build and wish I would have but at this momet I feel as though I am putting out more healz in Haste build but I have found that if your killing the charts in LFR your probably gonna be low in 10 man. I know I can do the HPS most of what is killing me is my Priest healer is a haste build. So he is just beating me to the heal. I think he is gonna try a Crit build on our next raid night and I am gonna try this Haste build so we will see if I get him or not lol.

I kow you probably know some or most of this but I started typing and couldn't stop Hah. GL mang.

O PS if you got the 4 set going dont break it unless you get better gear!!! My opinion!

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