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Another Trinket vs Trinket question

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I have fingernail 875 + Drained Mana Crystal 875 (this is a STR 1557 + haste 1024 world Trinket)

I have been running HoV for Hunger of the pack. and just got an 855. 


IS it worth it? I loose 265 STR which ever trinket I swap out.

my main issue: im 20.81% haste and 27.98% Crit. so swapping out the Mana Crystal will give me stats of 17.60% haste and 30.75% crit. I prefer the stats with more crit. but I loose 265 STR which to me sounds too much but then throw in the movement boost as im pushing mythics and movement speed is an issue im in a pickle. do I ignore it and just farm higher HoV for a higher ilvl or do I just be happy and equip it and move on?




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Short answer, you need crit more than haste and slightly more than strength in this instance.


I would aim for 30% and more crit, 20% haste and whatever mastery you get from gear.   The crit to start popping wounds more, eat crit food too btw and the haste to improve rune regen. 


Also worth simming it , even the simplistic AMR sim tool is ok to start off with. Try it with both sets and see what sort of figures you get. UH gets more fluid with 20% ish haste and more than 30% crit.

Good luck with it and yell if you have any questions.

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