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Protection Paladin help in Mythic+

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I have been struggling with Mythic+ content on my paladin. I feel she is a little squishier than I would like. I have been reading the forums and keeping up with what I hear others talking about. I had started out as Versatility high priority, and have since then moved to Haste. But I still feel I am missing something, either with talents, or perhaps my rotation work. It isn't about getting the mobs, it is more about surviving the hits. I am being told I am still too soft. I am not sure if it is my problem alone, or if it is the combination of DPS/Healing not being ready in addition to any weakness I may have. Any constructive advice would be helpful. Thanks a lot.


Character Profile: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bladefist/Saigen/simple

P.S I just added my Artifact Progression levels as well

Artifact Talents.png

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For more survivability you might want to swap some talents around. When looking at your armory I'd suggest changing the following talents:

Tier 2: Swap to either Bastion of Light or Crusader's Judgment. Bastion of Light will help you if you take large hits for a longer time, where Crusader's Judgment will give you a bit more SotR over time.

Tier 4: Swapping to Cavalier might help in case you will need to kite more. I personally prefer the regular BoP to help my party members soak one-shot mechanics on certain bosses, plus it gives you more mobility.

Tier 5: Take Hand of the Protector, this allows you to heal more often.                                                                      

Tier 7: Seeing as you don't really want to go for damage yet I wouldn't recommend taking Seraphim. If you play with Righteous Protector your SotR will reduce the cooldown on your Hand of the Protector, allowing you to heal more often.

This combined with the Crusader's Judgment will give you both high uptime on SotR and more frequent heals.



When tanking make sure you are always having your consecration up, buffing the effects of both your SotR and your heal by 20%. When tanking both single target and on AoE, try using your Blessed Hammer every other global cooldown. Make sure you use Avenger's Shield procs / Judgment procs (with Crusader's Judgment) so you don't cap out on Judgment stacks. Try not to time your SotR and maximize the uptime. Spamming all 3 stacks instantly is generally not worth it, try to always have 1 stack you can use.


Make sure you do not use all your cooldowns at once, smooth them out a bit. Ardent Defender is a cooldown that can be used fairly often, you can pop it on medium to large packs of mobs to decrease your damage taken and also deal a fair amount of damage to mobs with the artifact trait in it. Your artifact ability is also a very strong abilty with only a minute cooldown. On single target you can always use your bubble and taunt a boss and be immune for 8 seconds.

I hope this helped a bit.





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