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Improving my MM EN Mythic dps

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Attached is the link to a few of our mythic pulls on Ursoc lastnight, for my ilvl other top hunters are pulling from 375-400. While I'm barely able to maintain 280-322. Every now and then I can sustain around 345 but I don't know what I am doing wrong or if it is just RNG luck with lock n load procs and timing?  If one of the top parsing hunters don't mind viewing my logs and giving any suggestions all criticism is welcome. Please, and thanks in advanced for your time.



If you look at our mythic 5 wipe I finished around 323k When we wiped and then on mythic 6 wipe our 7% wipe I finished around 283K. My dps is inconsistent. Even then, at my best I was 323, when I should be upper 375-390. My simulation craft puts me at 380k, and I do consistently sim myself and update my pawn string.


I don't want any elitist wanna be's commenting especially, if you can't even sustain 300k yourself.  

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From what I can see you are using your second trueshot too early - save it for 20% and down (due to bullseye).

It also looks like your entire raid isn't using combat potions - this is a pretty large DPS decrease - remember that the default SimulationProfile prepots and pots.

Also - consider using Barrage on that fight. It helps a lot on the add phase.

I ran your report through checkmywow (http://www.checkmywow.com/reports/kW2NJjBCgfDH9ZGd/106188603/30?tab=basic) which shows that you missed 5 windburst casts.

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Here is a post to my logs for tonight's Ursoc kill, My dps still isn't where I want it to be. I'm not worried about the rest of the raid. I just purely want to focus on my dps and rotation to get closer to the 380-400k that I should be pushing.



Disregard the wipe #2, as that was flawed due to connectivity issue that occurred.

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34 minutes ago, Vampt said:

Bump, looking for rotation guru's to take a look

Can take a look, but I'd prefer a video, if you please. 

Not sure why'd you need a rotation guru, you just basically follow the rotation in Azor's guide and that's it.

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