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Hello everyone,

I am currently raiding hc and i think my performance is low in comparison with other logs.
I saw some mistakes and i fixed them, but every time that i see my logs something new appears.
-Uptime of pet's transformation.
-Number of wounds wasted.
-Number of casts of Soul Reaper
So, i want some help to get better especially in Ursoc's fight.

Also, i have these trinkets in my bag: Chaos Talisman 850, Memento 850, Nature's Call 865. Is any of these better than those that i am using? And i saw a lot of guys using Infected claws instead of Shadow infusion even without the legendary wrists. Is it worth?


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Hi, possibly may have interpreted some stuff as it's in a different language, had a quick sneak peek.

Use Potion of the Old War  (+prepot)
Use Str Flask
Switch talents on specific bosses (AWS no Nythendra / Ursoc)

Your cast and uptime efficiency seems fine, I'd be inclined to say your overcapping on wounds too much, also using the correct talents on certain bosses as mentioned above,  ensure you're using Legion Pots/Flasks (prepot and during the encounters).

You used Bursting Sores , change to All Will Serve
You missed 1 SR cast
Lost 17 potential FW due to capping
37 secs with no Virulent Plague uptime on boss.
You were runic capped for an accumulative of 37 secs during the fight.

You used Bursting Sores , change to All will Serve
You missed 1 SR cast
Lost 13 FW due to capping
12 seconds without Virulent Plague  (100% uptime should be achieved on this fight)
AOD used on pull, BL was used at the end?

In terms of using Infected claws over Shadow Infusion with the bracers

// Will edit rest later, have to go on a conference call.

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Just looking over your Ursoc log, you're cast of soul reaper weren't the best you misses a couple casts you could of had 5 maybe 6 casts depending, similar story with apocs you only had 2 casts when at the end of the fight you could have slipped in another cast for sure. Uptime wasn't perfect on your dot either, about 20 seconds of the fight you didn't have dots rolling. Also you cast your orc racial rather delayed like it took 3 minutes after your first cast of it to cast it again, i'm assuming that means you have it macroed into Gargoyle so it's only cast every 3 minutes, but i suggest using it off CD it's worth more that way, you didn't miss any casts of it but if they fight were to have gone on much longer you would have.

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Thanks for the help, i got a really nice feedback. I will keep my eyes on these details.
I never thought the dot uptime was wrong.

And what about the trinkets?

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