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(Sin Exsang) Gear upgrades going forward

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Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Nimiah/simple

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/18115128/latest#bracket=-1

Ursoc: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/rZJd12fmHTxpkCzB#fight=5&type=damage-done

I'm at i867 and currently still lose nearly 20k DPS in the sims switching from Exsanguinate to Agonising. It's not a natural switch, I need to purposely pick up gear that's bad for exsanguinate (more Mastery at the cost of crit/vers) to build up a set that works with Ago. Current gear in bank still doesn't come close.

I'm a bit worried looking forward. I'm just now starting to do some mythic progression, I don't know which gear to claim as my bis. Whichever gear I get or pass for now will make it longer and harder to get the gear I need for the switch, since I'll need to wait until I can roll what are essentially off-spec items for me (mastery).


1. Can exsanguinate be viable at high item levels?

The best solution to this problem is just not switching. Keeping two gears sets for the same spec sounds weird to me and I feel that I'm playing Exsanguinate really well, I practice a full 5+ minute rotation on the dummy every day I login and usually before I log out. I'm really not looking forward to switching, especially since Agonising seems to make the rotation a bit more... boring. In short, is the switch too good to pass up?

Can I get away with keeping exsanguinate up to a high item level and still remain competitive? I do see a few exsanguinate rogues on the top of the logs... Not many in particular, and I don't want to be 20-40k DPS behind everyone else, I rely on the ibracket % in warcraftlogs to let me know how well I played the fight, if that value starts going ridiculously low because everyone is switching to ago and pulling better numbers, I honestly don't know what to do.

2. Nighthold DPS

Simulationcraft's page still shows Bleed rogue outDPSing Poison (Ago) at ilvl880, but there could be some problems with the sim right now because those values don't sound right at all. Regardless, if they're close enough that the difference won't be too significant at 880 still. Could I suddenly become a burden once people start having i900 gear? Is it going to be... a much bigger difference?

3. Gear upgrades

Consider the situation where a Mastery/Crit (Ago) 880 item drops for the head slot, which lowers my current DPS by 5k if I equip it. In that same raid, a Vers/Crit (Bleed) item might also drop from Renferal, which improves my current DPS by 3k if I equip it. If I get one of those, I certainly will not be allowed to roll for the other for a few weeks until every other leather user has them. Which one should I get?

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I was talking to one of my mythic raider rogue friends and he has two different sets of gear for different situations. AP is absolute shit for aoe. Sin in general isn't great for aoe, but exsang  helps a little. I would have a vers crit gear set and a mstery vers gear set purely for different fights, like Ilgy + cenarius vs Nythendra or Ursoc. The AP build is super good on single target where you just hit one enemy for 5 minutes, the exsang build is pretty good at that, but in aoe, it massively outperforms AP. And if your raid team is that stingy with drops, which is understandable, I would try gearing up with mythic and mythic + dungeons rather than raids. 

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I suppose raid drops barely make a dent in gear acquirement right now, it's mostly myth+, the concern is more looking forward for these upcoming raids (though choosing which dungeons to focus time is also a concern, different ones for vers and mastery, I suppose I want all the best upgrades for both builds if they're both simultaneously viable for different fights, so it doesn't matter, focus on both).

Ah, I really hate having to get two gear sets for the same spec, I'd love clear gear progression forward instead, but it makes sense.

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