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Hello Everyone!

I've some simple ( I hope) questions about rotation priority. 

1. I found myself often in the situations when Raging Blow is on cd and I just recently used Rampage. Not counting talents like Wrecking Ball or cds, only spells that I can use are Bloodthirst and Furious Slash. Should I use 2x Furious Slash in hope of getting crit with Bloodthirst or just  Bloodthirst immediately with possibility that I can waste some uptime of Enrage afterwards?

2. During the execute phase, does Rampage with Massacre have more priority than Execute? Should I always use Rampage with Massacre proc or can I sometimes squezze in 2 or 3 Executes during one single Enrage from Rampage?

I will appreciate any form of help :)

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Hey Xandrath,

Here are my suggestions based on what I understand from sources such as Icy-Veins and personal experience.

1. You should always use Bloodthirst over Furious Slash. You only ever want to use Furious Slash as a last resort filler ability.

2. You will want to use your Massacre proc, Raging Blow (assuming you have taken Inner Rage), and then execute spam until you proc Massacre to enrage yourself again. The goal is to fit in the executes after you've enraged yourself through Massacre and using your Raging Blow. You only Bloodthirst during this "phase" to gain rage if you are starved. In short, always prioritize the proc.

With enough Juggernaut stacks, execute may gain priority over Raging Blow, but I'm not positive on just how many stacks that would require or if it is even possible.

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