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The Dreadlord's Deceit

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Hey guys I'm a sin rogue and just got this as my second legendary just wondering what's the best use of it? Obviously in raids just use it when you need burst aoe but in terms of M+, do we have to alter our playstyle to allow stacks to build or do we just continue to spam FoK and spread ruptures, how do I maximise this legendaries use to allow me to up my AoE dps. Cheers all.

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On pure ST, weave it into your rotation when you have 20ish+ stacks.  A good time to use is when you get stuck at 5cp and rupture is up in the rotation.

When you know there'll be AOE, build up as many stacks as you can and drop that fan on as many things as you can.  I've jumped from 7th to 2nd during mythic nythendra MC phase from a single fully-stacked fan. Ilgynoth oozes is also a great use case, depending on your role in that fight.

That doesn't mean stop using fan for sustained AOE.  Look at it as a buff of opportunity; use fan the way you always would, and enjoy some moments of big spikes when they present themselves.

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