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I was prepared to say "Log a raid please, 5 mans won't show anything." But you logged Rokmora and he is a good boss to log, even though you were in weird talents because of 5 man.

Somethings are still messed up since it is a short fight and a 5 man, but there are some major issues I see that can be addressed.

Doom uptime is horrid, 76% is more than 20% to low.

Use of Shadow Flame was very  poor, only cast it 4 times and never held/maintained 3 stack with it. Shadow Flame is a small ST DPS gain if used perfectly and a major DPS loss if used incorrectly, I highly recommend not taking it until you are ready to perfect the finest points of Demo.

1 cast of Deadstalkers is terrifyingly low.

1 cast of TKC is low.


I see Thal'kie's Discord in your logs, I have never seen that before. I had to try and remember what it was when I finally remembered that it is the 3rd Gold Trait. If you have that trait, you didn't take the best path with your traits by a long shot. If you're at or under about 20 or so traits, I would recommend resetting and using the path listed in the Demo guide.


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I reread the guide.

I adjusted talents and spell rotation. I currently have 23 traits, so have paused before refunding artifact power. Some of the efforts have paid off, leading me to a significant gain, I appreciate your time and advice. 

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