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Struggling a bit with SimC/ShadowC & enchants

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So along with my recent discovery that my crit is at a terrible amount, I've been following Aneuryzm's guide for the most part, but at the moment I'm playing MP/AP in Mythic Raids/HC due to my absurd amount of mastery (and still reasonable competing on logs with the two other rogues who are Exsang and Outlaw respectively). I've been using Mark of the Hidden Satyr on my neck but Shadowcraft is saying to go Mastery (despite it weighing at 0.5 and overall simming me lower than SimC does). I try to theorycraft, but I'm not the most efficient at it, hopefully someone can help me out!

Also on a slightly off-topic note, is The Human Spirit as strong as the tooltip would imply? I raid in a night-time guild so I'm at a loss as to whether it's stronger than the Night-Elf night racial which I believe gives straight crit. At this stage of needing crit so badly I'd do anything for another 1% of it.


Sorry for the formatting, I copied my post directly from bnet forums and haven't got a clue on how to remove the formatting outside of IPB.



E: Weights from SimC (Shadowcraft being still in 7.0 might be giving me incorrect weights I guess)

E2: Got one of my somewhat bis rings from Nyth earlier so this is slightly off now.

Pawn string    ( Pawn: v1: "Vitriøl": Agility=11.98, Ap=11.41, CritRating=8.92, HasteRating=4.18, MasteryRating=9.38, Versatility=8.47, Dps=5.89 )

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Shadowcraft from what I have found is generally wrong, I prefer to use either AMR or Simcraft. Hidden satyr is far and away the strongest neck enchant right now. While you should definitely up your crit as aneuryzm explained EP will probably still show better results IF you are using it correctly, MP will appear to show better results otherwise.


EDIT: As the expansion progresses and we naturally get more mastery MP will become more valuable but for now EP is king. Also for the record my current stats are between 38-41% crit and 125-134% mastery depending on what i equip and I have found stronger results with EP than MP by maintaining a fairly high uptime on EP which will only improve the more crit I get 

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