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[Stormrage][A] <Masochism> (7/7 H) lf raiders for Mythic Raid

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Who is Masochism?
Masochism is a raiding guild for those who have a need and wish to progress through content as it becomes available. Our aim is to experience all of the content this game has to offer, while still remembering that we’re playing a game, and the main point is to have fun. To this end, our goal is to, in three days of focused raiding, accomplish as much as (or more than) other guilds do in 4+ days of raiding each week.

What We Want From You:
We expect you to make 70% of raids, be able to pre-pot on fights (we can provide feasts and flasks), know your class and its relevant spec(s), communicate with us, and not be a jerk.

What makes Masochism different?
I think that part of what makes us different is our desire to work with, and befriend, raiders. You aren't simply just "a rogue" or "a resto druid" in our guild. While you're not obligated in any way to make anyone your best friend, we're interested in your real name, your life, and your opinions. If you have problems/deficiencies in-game, we strive to work with you rather than take the quicker solution of simply removing you from the guild.

Raid Times:
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 8-11pm server. (Eastern) We are on the Stormrage server.

Current Guild Progression:
7/7N 7/7H EN

We use personal loot until we are in Mythic.

What Are We Looking For:
Mages - Open
Warriors - Arms with Prot OS
Shamans - Enhancement 
Paladin - Ret with Prot OS only
Deathknight - Unholy/Frost with Blood OS
Druid - Resto/Boomkin with Healing OS
Rogue - Open
Priest - Shadow
Warlock - Open
Hunters - Closed
Demon Hunter - Closed
Monk - Open

If you are interested in joining Masochism, please contact in game Aristiana / Asuras or add btag Ari#11126 / Asur#1824. You could also contact the Raid Leaders at Blindspot13#1571 / Zires#1199

*Always looking for exceptional players though so don't be scared to ask and see if there's space for you!*

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Do not remove the extra information placed in your title. There is format to adhere to when naming threads in this sub. I will edit it once more.

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