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Ret Paladin and Versatility

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http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/caelestrasz/Mernissa/advanced  Here is a link to my character information. 

I am unfortunately rather ignorant to playing a paladin.  Whilst my dps is approx. 170k and my rotation is right because I have so many forum posts that say what to do...  I am unclear on where versatility leads us. 

We are supposed to make versatility equal to crit but there is little or no versatility items and people frown at me when I tell them I need it i.e. trinkets.  My haste is huge and I know it's supposed to be around 22-23% but all addons point to enchanting and gemming with haste as well as the stats those items grant.  Should I change some of those and make them versatility to bring down my haste and give myself more versatility?

Please help me.  Noob needs help


Thank you

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Hi mernissa,


actually, your versatility does not need to be equal to your crit. it's just the stat priority that tells us the priority of versatility is equal to the priority of the crit. however, the best and easiest way to up your stuff is to take haste/crit. once you have your 22% haste, you go on full crit. and after that, if you have choice between items with crit, versa and mastery, you will choose first crit, then versa and at the end mastery. in my case, i have 21% haste, 30% crit and only 4% versatility, et i'm about 350k average dps on xavius.

I hope that will help you and sory for bad english.

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hello mernissa

i also think you're misinterpreting the value of versatility. the priority on the page only refers to the value of the stat itself, not that it has to equal the stat. you'll be better off gemming and enchanting full on crit. 


also make sure you're not using JV in any raid situation as it is a complete waste of holy power

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