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So on my desktop I lag and disconnect a lot. But when i'm on my laptop right next to my desktop, I have no internet problems at all. Any ideas what the problem is or what I can do to fix this?

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First off, you need to look at how each computer is connected to the internet. Is one wireless and one wired? How old are they? How old is the network interface?

Secondly, what programs are running in the background of each? Any background downloaders? Is your laptop surfing My Little Pony sites while you play WoW? Is someone at your abode watching Netflix when you are on the desktop, thinking you can't see them?

Third, what addons are you using on your desktop that you don't on your laptop. I know that due to my laptop not having the juice that my desktop does, I don't run the same addons. An Addon could be sucking up bandwidth.

In a lag-situation like this, your answer is in what is different between the machines.

Hope this helps!

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