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Hi, I'm really struggling with are prioritisation in certain situations. For the most part i can keep enrage up throughout my rotation and have my CD use down well. The question i have is when i have to choice between getting enraged or using Raging blow when I'm likely able to use Rampage as my next ability. 

To simply my question, should i be using Raging Blow or Rampage when I'm currently not Enraged.

Also while I'm here, i thought i would just confirm my rotation.

After my CD use i prioritise  RB followed by Rampage, then normal fit another RB in before using BT and maybe a FS if all is on CD, then i normally get another RB in then Ramapge then RB before needing to us BT and FS again. 

Depending on a few things a whole rotation looks something like this  CD Burns > RB > R > RB > BT > FS > RB > R > RB etc.

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Raging blow is your hardest hitting ability that you can use on a target at any health.  I know with my relics that my raging blow does almost as much damage as execute.  Since it has such high damage, it is the one that benefits the most off of multipliers, such as your CDs and Enrage.  You should always aim to be enraged before using Raging Blow if you can.  There are two different ways I handle the rotation, depending on how much rage I start with:

No Rage:

I open with charge if I can, then Dragon Roar, then use Avatar and Battle Cry just before I cast Blood Thirst.  The 100% crit chance from Battle Cry means that you are guaranteed to enter enrage.  I then cast Raging Blow followed by Odyn's Fury.  If you have a lot of haste/hero/TW then casting RB first can allow you to sneak in another RB during Battle Cry.


With Rage:

Dragon Roar > Rampage > CDs > RB > OF > BT > RB

Not sure if optimal, but having rage lets you use your cooldowns and immediately hit with your hardest hitting abilities while being enraged from the previous cast of rampage.

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