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Starting Garrison if you are a Demon Hunter

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I began as a Demon Hunter at level 98 and quested through to 100 in the Demon Hunter area.

I would now like to start a Garrison, but have no idea how to get access to Draenor, or how to begin the Garrison itself?



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Basically I think you bypass the normal way to get this quest.  Go to Orgrimmer or Stormwind.  Click on the Board that has a "!" over the top of it.  Select the last one, going to the Blasted Lands.  Take the portal on your map (Orgrimmer in Cleft of Shadows).


You may want to get a Huge Ogre Cache or two you need 2,200 Garrison Resources + 5,000 gold to Upgrade to level 2 / 3.  Then you get a Stone for leveling Battle Pets.

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