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Require Advice For Mistweaving!

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Hello Icy-Vein!

Although I recently posted a topic very recently something similar, I wanted to post something here to get some more opinions/eyes on the matter. 

Below is what I posted to WoWhead, and holds the gist of what the issue is and what I think the problem is.


Hey fellow monks!

I play a Mistweaver monk with an item level around 869. Here's a link to my Battle.net page: 


After a number of runs through Mythic+ dungeons and Emerald Nightmare raids, I couldn't help but feel as though I've been underperforming or simply haven't utilized a proper armor set. Despite my doubt, I've been able to complete Return to Karazhan very easily and don't usually have a wipe (except on the Mana Devourer, because he's a pain for personally), so I require some advice.

This especially was an issue after completing a Mythic +7 Court of Stars run, where we had a number of deaths here and there and numerous wipes on the 2nd and 3rd/final boss. Although during the 2nd boss we wiped primarily due to adds not being taken care of, the final boss really had me struggling and sadly we wiped many, many times. 

I was wondering if either of these bosses were an issue for us due to my healing or my rotation, however. On both bosses we barely managed to kill them, often with me dead due to having gone out of mana and half the party dead.

I do have some data from the final boss, including the amount of damage done to the boss from the group, the healing I did manage to pull off, and the time (which was roughly two minutes). Sadly, I do not have the logs from a proper addon, and only have Recount to rely on. Below is short album on my configuration at the moment.


I appreciate any and all advice I can get to maximize my mana usage in future Mythics, as well as what I can do to fix up my gear / rotations.

Looking at it now, though, I do know my Artifact Relics are pretty wack at the moment.

I did forget to post one more piece of information regarding the fight, however, in the post above, that being the overhealing.



Any and all help on the matter is greatly appreciated!



I forgot to also mention my usual rotations!

In Mythic+, I often start off any engagement with using all my Thunder Tea charges to blanket as much of the group with Renewing Mist, followed by Enveloping Mist on the tank. As the fight goes on, I'll use Effuse on the tank if he ever takes more damage than the HoTs heal for.

If dungeon-wide damage comes through, I'll often use Vivify on the melee/ranged (whichever is more grouped), followed by using Effuse on whichever persons were left out from the Vivify triggers.

All throughout the fight, I'll stop healing and use a Rising Sun Kick whenever it comes off CD to further blanket the team in Renewing Mists, or instant-cast Enveloping Mist on the tank assuming they've already begun taking considerable amounts of damage.

When party-wide mechanics are predictable and will do damage, I like to prepare the group with Essence Font, followed by some more Effuses/Vivifies once the damage does land.

However, I found myself spamming Vivify and Essence Font a lot during the CoS Mythic +7 encounter as I simply could not keep up with the damage everyone was taking, especially by the time the 3rd or 4th image had popped. I especially popped CDs at this point, often leaving myself unprepared coming to the 6th and 7th image that spawned, killing me during the Slicing Maelstrom.



By the way, another question I wanted to ask -- the first trash pull in HoV involving the dragon, is it meant to be a huge pain or is it something to do with my healing again? I always end up with a DPS or the tank dying because of the spikey damage that happens, even with CCs.

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Hey there!

While I can't give any advice on Court of Stars, as I've yet to actually experience it (Rep grinding is not my strong suit), looking at the data you've given, I would argue that there's a few things that you may want to consider. Firstly, fistweaving is a complex style, and one that requires constant activity in order to be effective. You need to regularly be able to cast Rising Sun Kick for it to be effective, or else it falls behind the other two tier 7 talents in effectiveness. If you aren't able to get those casts in, which can be down to the fight being too intensive to just passively heal, then I would recommend swapping out Rising Thunder for Mana Tea or Focused Thunder. Secondly, especially in dungeons, I find that I don't need Chi-Ji very much, and have been finding more success with the more consistent Refreshing Jade Wind. In particular, for bosses like Moroes that are very AoE healing intensive, having that more consistent AoE healing spell turned an incredibly difficult fight into a very managable one. I would recommend playing around with the other tier 6 talents, especially since Chi-Ji got nerfed - the more consistent healing can provide an answer where a long lasting cooldown might not.

The main issue I have with your healing numbers is that you're doing a lot of overhealing with Vivify, which can take up a lot of mana. While Vivify is a great spell, it isn't cheap, and so I would look to reduce the amount of overhealing you do with this. This comes from better spell selection; for example, Soothing Mist and Effuse both bring around the same HPS as Vivify for a single target, and so they can be great options in place of Vivify. You could even use a Thunder Focus Tea enhanced Effuse to provide more healing, if raw healing is what you need - with the buff to Effuse, it doesn't suck as much to use Thunder Tea on Effuse, so it is now an option. Even using Renewing Mist can be an option, if you know they will not be taking more damage for a while.

Even so, you're not doing bad - your healing is very high, and if you can cut down on that overhealing, then you should be good to go :)


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Some good advice already so I won't comment further about that stuff, but I think you're doing fine. :)

I just wanted to echo what you said about that pull in HoV. I find it depends on the groups, perhaps it's to do with interrupts/stuns or maybe the way something's pointing but occasionally a low mythic keystone can pump out some unhealable damage there. I've questioned my healing abilities on that pack a few times as well.

I've also encountered CoS+7/8 groups with similar issues, that last boss is brutal but there's a number of factors at play. Damage avoidance, group buffs, dps (as it ramps up so heavily over time.) In some of the groups I found the damage was almost unsustainable from the start, if it's like that early on then you're pretty much doomed as the fight continues. Surviving that fight is a group effort.

You're doing well though in my opinion, don't think you have anything to worry about.

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