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How to decide if you auction, Vendor or Disenchant BoEs

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I've been running a lot of old content for mounts/pets/transmog across 7 characters and as such I end up with a massive amount of BoEs (at one point my enchanter had over 100 mails waiting for him).

I'm on Skullcrusher which doesn't have a particularly strong AH economy but I'm trying to make lemonade out of lemons here and would like advice on any tools/tricks people use to make the call on when it's better to just DE or Vendor an item despite the possibility of a payday if a high value green manages to sell.

I use TSM and lots of other addons to make my life easier, so any suggestions there are welcome ase well.

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First of all you should decide for yourself what amount of gold you think as a profit per time spent for you personally. 

For example, I am a not very patient person with a limited time to play so for me every item that wouldn't be sold in 2-3 days with 1000+ gold profit feels like a waste. Though another person that have more patience and time, may make the same profit as mine, playing with 100 AH lots and gaining 3-100 gold from every item.

Now, the general suggestions:

- check WoWuction for the past couple of months history of sells of the said BoE greens and enchanting mats you can get out of them for your server. For example my server is RP, old enchanting mats are hardly sellable here but there is a bigger market for greens that people use for RP.

- always check AH fee before you put there weapon and armor pieces. The fee is extremely high for weapons (can get to 50 gold) and some times for armor too. For example, you could vendor a weapon for 65 gold but decided to put it on AH for 199 g. If you didn't pay attention at 50 gold of AH fee and relist said weapon 3 times, your profit will be even less than from vendoring the item. 

I personally rather vendor all the greens except of those for transmog with the price above 500 g because with the new approach to professions where you can make everything from lvl 1, old content enchanting mats are not of a great value.

It will be much easier for you to decide whether to vendor, DE or AH items after you'll decide on your profit line.

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