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Summary of the Legion Dev Q/A panel about Pet Battle Dungeons, the uncertain fate of Vol'jin, permanent Artifact transmogs and more!

Are there any plans to make professions scalable?

We're not sure exactly how this is going to happen, but we want to keep professions relevant throughout the expansion (increase of the Obliterum cap was mentioned during the Dev Retrospective).

Will you address the problem of low-population realms?

We'll be combining servers with the cross-realm technology into bigger realms.

Gnome Paladins? Gnome Druids/Shamans?

When we come up with race class combos, we broadened those a lot. But we thing about the racial identity and what affinity they have.

Difference between PvE & PvP balancing (PvE balance is prioritized over PvP)

PvP Balancing is harder, different classes against each other at full utility. We definitely look at both balances. Having separate knobs to turn gives us new arrows in our quiver when it comes to balancing.

What happened to Med'an? Wasn't he supposed to be the new Guardian?

Certain fiction exists outside the World of Warcraft, what is not something we necessarily regard cannon.

Artifacts Power - Have you ever considered pooling so you can use it for other specs, without having to level them around for a months to a place to make them viable?

If you're significantly behind, 7.1.5 will offer Artifact Knowledge for Order Resources. You will be able to rapidly catch up. If you switch over and start focusing on your other spec, you will initially gain reputation rapidly. If on the other hand you want to make a new main spec out of your offspec, this is a process that could take a month or so along the line, there will not be a big difference between the specs.

Where did the Stranglethorn Derby go? Any plans to bring it back in the future?

It had to be turned off, because of tech things. There can be one winner per realm. In the post-Legion world of sharding that isn't the 1 to 1 relationship between 1 stranglethorn / 1 realm (cross-realms). It may go live in 7.1.5 (was pushed back from a  7.1 release). It will be a region-wide event. Like first 100 players turning in.

Where is Wrathion?

For now he's wandering Azeroth and we will see him in a future content update.


We strive to maintain a balance between having a main and alt. Trying to take away things that feel like a chore. In 7.1 we made the attunements for Suramar dungeons account-wide and we'll continue with that trend.

Are racial mounts (Undeads/Horses) getting a visual update?

It's hard to say. But we're always looking for reasons to go back and update them.

What's the Sunwell range? (RPers from Moon Guards asking)

Sunwell exists in a specific location and it will travel through in everything in the universe, so effectively there is no range.

Are there any plans to make other stuff purchasable through WoW Tokens?

You will have the option to turn in your WoW Token for certain Balance.

Are you ever going to update old Vanilla armor sets? Why won't you increase the main backpack?

We don't know when this could happen. What's worth noting is that the Tomb of Sargeras gear will feature updated variation of the Tier 6 gear, so you'll see what's possible with the new engine. As for the bags, If we do it, we don't know what else players would ask about next. We continue to increase bag sizes. But in Legion we didn't do that, because we took so many stuff from your inventory (Toybox, etc). The true question is why do we make you carry around 140 items. (Secondary Stats?)

What's store in Artifacts in future expansions?

These were going to be confined to Legion, like the Garrions were for WoD. We're not going to be replacing them with a green item though. It would be bad not giving you a new weapon upgrade and giving you a 133th Artifact trait in the coming years.  At the end of the Legion, you will be able to unlock the Artifact appearances as permanent Transmog appearances to carry forward.

Is there a Legendary Loot option planned?

We have some cool ideas for that. We're planning to add more Legendaries and once there's 10 it can feel overwhelming to chase down a specific one.

How will we surpass Legendaries?

We know it's going to be a painful parting, but we will make it make sense when we get there.

How far in advance do you plan character arcs?

Long time. Garrosh had a destiny. Initially, we wanted it to go heroic, but it didn't turn out that way. Sometimes you have a character like Wrathion, we had no idea where we would take him.

Were class accessories (like quivers) scraped in favor of Artifacts?

We put a pause on it, to see what would happen to it while we release Artifacts.

Redishirtguy askes about Naga's allegiance?

Some Naga may work with the Legion, but that's not a certainty. Azshara is interested into the tidestone.

Do you plan to add similar content to the Withered Army Training?

Scenarios will be added in 7.2.

Are there any secrets in the game that weren't discovered yet by the community?

Nothing huge Kosumoth level, just small things.

Why did you pull up a Game of Throne kill for Ysera?

Heroes make great sacrifices in our game. While Ysera is dead, her spirit goes forward. I wouldn't hold on for her to be gone for long.

Will we be able to join multiple guilds? Will we get guild housing?

The two main obstacles are the danger of isolation (garrisons). Second the fun of the guild house is in customization, decorating the place, who gets the fun? Who makes the choices? Officers or guild leader? Is it a system benefiting the entirety of the guild? These obstacles lead us to pursue other things.

Who will succeed Vol'jin?

There's more to Vol'jin's story and in time we'll figure it out.

Future plans for pet battles?

We plan Pet Battle Dungeons.

The current talent-swapping feels like a nuisance, why do we have to take extra steps just to change our talents?

When Legion was in beta, we had a few different mechanisms to changing talents. The one thing we were looking at is that they have a meaningful choice. We wanted a little friction in the system, not to change them at will. Switching forth and back was branching and bloating the classes, removing the idea of a choice when you're good at A and a little worse at B.

Are we going to be able to play with our friends from other factions without using faction identity?

The faction identity is really central to the game.  We continue to hold this line, because it's a core identity of the game.

Khadgar's last name?

Khadgar is his last name his name is Archmage. We'll look into something.

Will engineers will able to craft underwater mounts?

No plans for it but a great idea (gnome, goblin submarines). Step 1 make a lot of underwater zones with quests and stuff, step 2: submarines.

If Undead can be priests why can't Undead be Paladins?

The way how holy light is used between these two is different. Priests use it for preservation of life. Paladins use it offensively. Maybe the question here is Undead shouldn't be able to be Holy Priests.

Will Hunters ever be able to tame unicorns in Legion (Val'sharah horses)?

Something that may come in the future, no immediate plans.

Holidays? Queueing with low level friends? 

Definitely, these Azeroth-wide celebrations should scale and not be limited to maximum level.

Open Mythic across XRealm?

This is asked a lot, but removing that last barrier of server identity would be bad for guilds as entities and the realms as a whole.

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I got another question to add to this. What about updated worgen and goblin character models? I saw that someone else had asked about it a while back.

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1 hour ago, Kuarinofu said:

Sadly enough, Artifacts will stick around for some time(

Any specific thing you don't like about the Artifact system? I love the alt-friendly catch up mechanism they announced.


16 hours ago, KomodoDragoon said:

I got another question to add to this. What about updated worgen and goblin character models? I saw that someone else had asked about it a while back.

They are working on it.

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18 hours ago, KomodoDragoon said:

I got another question to add to this. What about updated worgen and goblin character models? I saw that someone else had asked about it a while back.

Soon. (TM)

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On 11/7/2016 at 2:07 PM, PatrickHenry said:

We plan Pet Battle Dungeons.


I know so many people that would be so hyped for this.

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On 11/7/2016 at 5:53 PM, Hindlehoof said:

Pandaren Druid/ Pally anyone?

Druid would be cool.

For Paladin, I saw an awesome description that compared Balance of Pandaren life to that of the complete dedication that Paladins have. It just doesn't fit together. Harmony vs. complete dedication to a crusade.

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1 hour ago, Blainie said:

Harmony vs. complete dedication to a crusade.

I cant see the connection either.

Their explanation of 'holy Forsaken priest' was equally puzzling... 

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1 hour ago, PatrickHenry said:

I cant see the connection either.

Their explanation of 'holy Forsaken priest' was equally puzzling... 

Yeah, it's strange. I think we can comfortably say that some class/race combos are just happening because they needed balancing in faction vs. faction choices.

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Please update druid flying form for troll ><; the new skin for bat already there and implemented... we just want the new bat skin for our troll druid...



Edited by eRuanga

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9 hours ago, eRuanga said:

Please update druid flying form for troll ><; the new skin for bat already there and implemented... we just want the new bat skin for our troll druid...

Just customisation for forms would be awesome - like, being able to change some things slightly, whether your actual shape, skin, whatever. Would be awesome.

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the uniqueness of every race travel form esp flying form should be kept imho. later on 7.2 druid will have a  new flight form which im not sure whether will be implemented for druid in general or every race has its own look.

<3 bat as travel form, but we need new skin model :) 

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1 hour ago, eRuanga said:

the uniqueness of every race travel form esp flying form should be kept imho. later on 7.2 druid will have a  new flight form which im not sure whether will be implemented for druid in general or every race has its own look.

I agree on uniqueness, but it does need an update. Flying form to me for some looks so.. mediocre.

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      So, if i use 6 tokens for game time will i get the mount? as always, blizz is quite confusing when they worded the offer. Thanks in advance.
      Hey guys,

      I just wanted to confirm that you would NOT get the Dreadwake mount if you convert your WoW Tokens into game time directly.

      In this case you would need to claim the tokens for balance first and then buy the correct bundle from our shop, here:

      Hope this helps!
      Protection Warrior in Patch 8.1
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      I can’t speak to any plans for the patch, but I do know that we’re planning to make some tuning adjustments sometime in the next few weeks which should include some defensive buffs for Protection Warriors.
      Just curious but why can't you speak to any plans for the patch? You explained the tooltips for the proposed ele shaman changes, but can't speak about warriors? Or is it that there is nothing changing in the patch for warriors?
      Few reasons. Partially because I'm not a class designer, so I don't make those decisions. But also because the class team themselves haven't decided yet. We agree Prot Warriors need love, but aren't 100% decided on exactly what form those changes will take, which also means we don't know if it'll need to be in a patch or not. The Elemental changes require a patch, otherwise we'd just hotfix them in.

      Regarding this upcoming tuning pass, I wouldn't expect it to be something that solves every Prot Warrior grievance, but it should hopefully help while we look into potential further adjustments.
      Hate to say it (and hate to nail it to you Lore) but class imbalance is very very bad right now. I think most of us don't want classes that are OP or overtuned-- but we would like to see them fluid enough and competitive enough that we can feel comfortable that our individual investment will ensure us a spot and a chance at current WoW content.
      Class balance is definitely a sore spot right now, both in community feedback and our own internal discussions. We're working on it. It's a delicate thing; we want to solve the issue of players feeling like their class is undesired, but we also want to avoid the opposite issue where everyone feels like they need to reroll to whatever the new hotness is every few weeks (side note, that's part of why we do tuning adjustments in batches rather than every few days, to give things a little time to stabilize before the next round).

      I'd also like to submit the argument that, while class balance certainly isn't perfect right now, it's also the beginning of an expansion, which is *always* a bit shaky for class balance. There are absolutely outliers on either side of the spectrum, with some buffs and most likely some nerfs incoming, but aside from those few cases, our data (based on hundreds of thousands of boss kills, arena matches, etc) is showing that class balance isn't that far out of whack from how things were at the start of Legion, or Warlords, or Mists, etc.

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      Of the possible contenders on the US/OC scene we have Wildcard Gaming, formerly Easy, who have already taken a WF in Heroic, with their G'huun kill, and seem eager to get their new name heard, so they might just be the leading US guild. On the other hand, Limit has been a dominant presence in the US/OC scene for a long time now, grabbing most WFs and being the only real competition to the EU and Asian guilds in the endgame. We also have SNF and Big Dumb Guild who have gotten some World Firsts in the past, and have been known to raid early, so the competition for those first few kills should be high. Blood Legion also seem to have returned after a long hiatus, as they will be raiding "semi-competitively" in BfA, but it remains to be seen what exactly that means.
      As always, we'll be using Method's raid progress coverage for our own summaries and you can head on over to their site to follow the race live, both today with the usual updates and tomorrow with the guild itself streaming the race live. For other streams of the progress race, head on over to twitch's WoW page and you'll be sure to find tons of players showing off their journey through Uldir.
      We'll also be using this article as a hub for all the race summary posts.

      The race is about to begin and you can check out all of our coverage right here.
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      The Weekly Quest "Something Different" can now be completed by participating in Shado-pan Showdown, as intended. “Something Different” now grants a 340 item level Dread Gladiator piece of gear from the Brawl Footlocker. Players who have already turned in “Something Different” this week can now complete it a second time. World Quests
      Fixed an issue where the "Pest Problem" did not count towards the Storm's Wake emissary. There are now a greater number of Ancient Texts that are “Past Due”. Previous Hotfixes
      September 18th September 17th September 14th
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      Location: Horde, US Connected Realms: Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, Hakkar. 
      Raiding Times: Mon/Tue 7:30 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST
      About us:
      We are former nolife raiders who now enjoy spending time outside our basements in the real world. Our total play time has decreased slightly but we still strive to meaningfully progress our characters through end game raiding. Currently we are recruiting new members to help us progress in the upcoming expansion. Join us and lets slay Dragons together!
      Apply if you are:
      interested in end game content; M+ Dungeons and Heroic/Mythic Raiding capable of critical thought and willing to contribute when discussing strategy a self-starter who plays to improve and keeps up to date with latest theorycraft always on time and reliable  
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      Silvadine#1273 (Officer)