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Hello, i got pawn but still the choice is not clear.

im BM ilvl 859/862, Stat Weights from noxxic

Agility [9.06] > Mastery [7.56] > Haste [6.06] > Crit [4.56] > Versatility [3.06]






What do you think ?

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Since the title is appropriate and I don't want to make another thread, here is my question:

I have a 835 ring with socket and 1737 mastery. is such a ring good enough to keep away other rings of higher item level and haste/mastery? Obviously no other dual stat ring will come close to 1737 mastery, but am I hurting myself by not taking the haste on a haste/mastery ring? Currently I have 24% mastery and 11% haste.

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