Weekly Sales: Nov 8 & Bundle Removals

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Hallow's End event is ending soon with next week's sale, so if you still haven't bought the bundles, now's your last chance.

Weekly Sale Items (Nov 8 - 15, 2016)

The following items are on sale during the week of Nov 8.

  • Zeratul —  4.99 EUR //  3.69 GBP 
  • Ronin Zeratul Skin —  4.99 EUR // 3.69 GBP
  • Demonic Tyrael Skin — 4.99 EUR // 3.69 GBP

The Hallow's End event also ends Nov 8, so the Bonus XP & Quest Event along with the portrait and bundles are going away, so grab them while you still can.

Bundle Removals

  • Hallow’s End 2016 Bundle
  • Ultimate Hallow’s End 2016 Ultimate Bundle


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Ohhh that misleading thumbnail! For a second I thought they were going to release Ragnaros before Varian.

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