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Artifact Progression - Ret. Paladin

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In your guide on Artifact Progression for Retribution Paladins you make the following statement " If you do not wish to reset your traits, then simply go for the post-reset path from the beginning".   No where in your guides could I find a link to the "post-reset" path.  Could you provide me with such a link?  Thanks.

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the long path that you are refering to is also stated in the guide below. the post reset path is the red line



what is suggested is to go dirrectly to the ashes to ashes trait due to it being an extremely powerful golden trait then reset at 64k AP then take the long way around to get to ashes to ashes. this is because at higher artifact levels you can obtain all the golden traits approximatly 3 or so points faster and because ashes to ashes smooths out ret gameplay especially if using crusade. the guide on icy veins is here https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/retribution-paladin-pve-dps-artifact-talents-traits-relics  

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answers question far better

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