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Sin rogue- help me get to the next level

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Hi guys

Long time reader of this forum finally in a place where I'm trying to take my game up a notch. I joined a guild that is starting mythic EN, and looking to maximize my performance. Here's 16 wipes we did on Nythendra last Tuesday. 



Given other people's feedback, it looks like what I need to do is increase my EP uptime. How do you guys try to maximize it, specifically those that run AP? 

Also, what do you think of the Jacin's Ruse set? 20% uptime over all attempts for 3k mastery seems like a no brainer even if both items have haste and i have better individual pieces, but I don't see many people running it.

Anything else I'm missing??


Thanks in advance for your feedback!


EDIT: Adding armory profile 



EDIT 2: Here's last week's heroic farm as well to give some more depth. 


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According to the information that is being spread, you're supposed to Envenom @ 3~4CPs to keep the buff rolling. You're playing with 6CP Envenoms most of time, try that one.

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