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I've recently rerolled to a warlock after playing a fire mage in heroic content and im trying ti figure out which of the 3 spec's will be best for me, i currently do not have the lei-shen trinket so i'd like to avoid playing demo until then, out of affliction and destro which would be more viable for my current gear?


If anymore info is required please ask, thanks.

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Are you okay with playing with DoTs and/or downloading the addon Affdots? Enjoy the steady, constant stream of DPS? Roll Affliction.

Hate DoT's with a passion? Like big hitting spells? Roll Destro.

Pretty oversimplified, but both specs are "viable" and it is going to come down to which one you enjoy the most. If you make them both your two specs then you can try them both out. In reality you'll need to play more than one spec to do the best you can by switching specs on a fight-to-fight basis. Aff/Destro is a good combo.

Destro might outperform Aff at your ilvl by a little bit, but its close and whichever spec you can play the best will ultimately be the one that puts out the most DPS in the end.

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