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Mistfall is a World of Warcraft raid/slack guild, located primarily on EU-Argent Dawn horde, but we also have a delegate on EU-Silvermoon alliance. We've been around since 2007, first on Arathor, and from 2009 on Argent Dawn has been our home. The core officers who founded the guild are still here and actively playing alongside a handful of regular members who've been with us for years now. While we have our ups and downs like any other guild out there, we're still what one could call a stable guild with long-term members. 

We're mostly old and cranky, age distribution being somewhere between ~25 to ~40, with the 30s folk being in the majority. Because of that, we care not for drama, loot whining or anything like that. Dicking around in any way will result in a kick, and maybe a warning, in that order. Take your ADHD LFR toxicity elsewhere, thanks! 

We prefer to go about our raiding as efficiently as possible, with as few hours as possible. Therefore we only have two raid days, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 20 - 23 game time (exceptions may apply). Attendance is expected, and you should not apply if you're unable to raid on these days. In addition, now and then we like to do the odd drunken raid for alts and socials alike, but they are completely voluntary and typically happen on Friday nights, and can be organized/led by any member of the guild. 

At this moment we are raiding heroic, but willing to expand to mythic if the numbers permit it. 

If you're over 20 years old, filled with a sense of humor and sarcasm, are sensible, and your heart is in the right place you might be just like us! You might be a (returning) WoW veteran who loves to raid but is unable/unwilling to commit to more than two days of raiding. You like guild banter, but you also cherish silence; you may not like to speak at all but a few drinks gets you going; we have every sort and they get along. We can also teach you the numerous different ways to swear in...

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