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Need help choosing between items

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Hi, so I recently just got Sephuz's Secret, Feelsbadman, and I am currently running a 865 Jeweled Signet of Melandrus with a gem socket, and Anger of the Half-Giants, also running Demon blades build. So was wondering if anyone had any input into which 2 rings I should wear.

Also recently got an 890 Ethereal urn from Nightbane, and currently in my bags I have all 850 Hunger of the Pack, Bloodthirsty Instinct, and Memento of Angerboda. Without any trinkets on, I am sitting at about 43% crit. I am not sure which trinkets to use.

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In my honest opinion your passive critical chance is low so you should use Bloodthirsty (BiS) + Hunger of the Pack (due to your low passive critical chance). I would suggest if you reach 47-50 % passive critical chance to switch your Hunger of the Pack with Memento, as I believe Bloodthirsty + Memento are the best in slot for Havoc (some may argue).

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