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HOLY stat cap (crit)

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what is the ideal amount of pstats. Today MASTERY trinket (865) from Cenarius drop for me and i change it for 845 trink with int + crit + crit socket.

Im rly unlucky to get trink from dragons or ursoc. I have one useless from spider (875 titanf) and this one from cenarius. 

Now my stats Is 34 crit, 3 haste, 32 mastery and 9 vers. Is that Ok ? I cant find crit cap (and other stats) on internet.

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This is a copy paste on crit for Holy Paladins. Dunno if I'm aloved to post links here, but this comes from the holy paladin guide that's on sacred shielding, a quick google search should get you there.

There are two important relationships between Holy Paladins and critical strike. The first is that Holy Shock has double the normal chance to critically strike, and the second is that a Holy Shock crit gives us the Infusion of Light buff–increasing the HPS of Holy Light or Flash of Light. This synergy means that critical strike is usually our best stat due to how much of our healing comes from Holy Shock, Holy Light, and Flash of Light.

Since crit is our highest priority and what we’ll likely be gemming and enchanting for, we should try to figure out how much crit is too much. We receive an additional 20% critical strike chance while Avenging Wrath is active. This means that we only need 30% critical strike as a base to ensure that Holy Shock has 100% critical strike chance during Avenging Wrath: (30 + 20) * 2 = 100. This will be our first crit breakpoint in Legion; however, we also need to consider that our Tier 19 2-piece further increases the critical strike chance of Holy Shock by 10%. This amount is applied after our base critical strike is doubled. Instead of 30%, with the Tier 19 2-piece we only need 25% chance to crit for Holy Shock to be a guaranteed crit during Avenging Wrath: (25 + 20) * 2 + 10 = 100.

We’re able to achieve 25% chance to crit very early in the expansion. On the one hand, it doesn’t have an effect on crit’s priority, so we don’t really have to worry about it. On the other, it means that we might see crit reach the softcap where Holy Shock has 100% chance to crit outside of Avenging Wrath. We would only need 45% chance to crit for Holy Shock to be a guaranteed crit with the Tier 19 2-piece: 45 * 2 + 10 = 100.

A Blood Elf (+1% crit racial) only needs 12225 base crit rating to have 45% crit chance with the +375 crit Well Fed buff. At that point, crit falls to the lowest stat in priority and we should gem, enchant, or get the Well Fed buff for a different secondary stat.

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