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I'm looking for any tips to improve my DPS during raid boss fights. My rotation starts with Pre cast pyro/Fireball til hot streak.  ROP -> Combustion -> Sinew -> Sorc Shadowruby pendant (damage neck) -> Pyro -> FB -> Pyro -> FB -> Pyro -> Flame On -> FB -> Pyro -> FB -> Pyro -> PF -> ROP -> Pyro -> PF -> Pyro -> PF -> Pyro. How do you usually manage your cooldowns after you use your burst? Here's my log, appreciate any feedback 





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Couple things.

Not sure why you're using healing trinkets but you shouldn't.  From what I can tell, you're using healing trinkets?  Maybe the logs are fubar.


What are the 2 trinkets you are actually using?


If you ARE using healing trinkets Vial of Nightmare Fog and Naglfar Fare you should definitely start by removing them.  I highly doubt you are, because that wouldn't make sense.  So let's just ignore that part for now.

You're using Kindling, Conflag, and Living Bomb.  You're wasting talents.  Unless you're worried about AOE, you, IMO, shouldn't be using Conflag and living bomb.  Pyromaniac  and Unstable Magic will work just fine.  Boss fights, generally are single target fights.  While certain fights you need some splash aoe, I don't think our AoE is worth wasting pure DPS on the single target boss.

Try it, see what works better.  If you're going to take Conflag, you should probably not take Kindling.


You're missing a bunch of Fireball and Pyroblasts that can be upgraded from a heating up to hot streak.  Going over your last 3 attempts, the 1 kill and 2 wipes prior, you are missing the following.

Wipe: Pyro: 4/12 crits converted.

Combustion first 2 okay, 2nd 2 only got off 4 pyros.  Huge DPS loss.

Wipe: Fireball: 14/22 crits converted.

Combustion 1 okay with 6 pyros, 2nd usage 3 pyros, third usage 4 pyros, very poor.

Kill: Fireball:  17/26 crits converted.

Combustion Poorly executed here as well, 5, 5 and 4. 


Work on your combustion phase.  You must have 2 FB, 2 PF, and Flame On ready for Combustion+ROP at all times.  If ROP and Combustion are ready to use, you MUST have those spells available.  You must not enter Combustion+ROP without being on a hot streak (instant pyro).  If you waste any time getting into a hot streak while in combustion, or waste a PF or a Fireblast to enter a hot streak and then enter combustion you are doing it wrong and losing damage.


You are not using potions.  Use x2 Deadly Graces.  Pre-pot before the pull.  Either pre-pot at the 4 second mark and start to immediately cast Pyro, or use it at the 2 second mark and immediately cast Fireball.  Then use it again during a burn phase.  If you burn hero off the bat, save the second usage for a combustion burn phase.  Deadly Graces works best when you can get a lot of casts off in a short period of time.  Obviously Heroism is the best bet.  Combustion is second best.  When you are throwing out at least 9 casts back to back instantly (FB > Pyro > FB >Pyro - Flame On > FB > Pyro > FB > Pyro > PF > Pyro) you are getting a lot of casts out in a short period of time giving you ample chance to proc a lot of hits from Deadly Graces.


You have the Legendary Ring for x2 Hero.  If you burn at the start with hero, save your 2nd Deadly Graces for later when you use your second hero.


Remember, between Combustion+ROP phases, you can enter 3 more ROP before Combustion comes off CD.  After the third usage, the 4th recharge for ROP should come off CD at the same time as Combustion.  Key to keeping your DPS steadily growing is to always use ROP on CD except when needed for Combustion.  Time your CDs accordingly to match Combustion+ROP.




Forgot to mention, upgrade your relics in your weapon.  You're in Heroic Content, you shouldn't be using ilvl 810 relics.


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20 minutes ago, DDyForb said:

hmm, I'm not sure who you are looking at. I'm using LFR Sinew with Shock Baton. I have all pyro relics (855/870/840)



Shows you are using  http://www.wowhead.com/item=141261/fires-of-heaven&bonus=1826 Fires of Heaven ilvl 810.


The logs show you having regular trinkets, but for some reason I am accounting for damage from other sources, which were coming out as healing trinkets.  Like I said, it's probably fubar.


The rest of my advice stands.

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