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Balance Help Needed

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So first things first right now I am currently using a 860 Unstable Arcano Crystal + 880 Plaguehive with socket and that is also what all my logs were logged with. 

I have unbuffed

10,637 Haste (33%) I use the Azshari Salad to reach the breakpoint which I currently can't reach until I get haste gloves from EYE.

5644 Crit (21%)

5976 Mastery (50%)  

1221 Versatility (3%).

36330 Intellect

Here is my logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/16516623/10/

Here is my Armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Ravenbear/simple

My rotation is as follows:


Beserking Troll Racial + Incarnation



New Moon, Half Moon, Full Moon (all during the berserking + the little haste from applying my dots via Artifact Trait)

2 Wraths to cap Arcane Power

3 Starsurges

Astral Communion

3 Starsurges again which leaves me with room for one more Starsurge

Instead of using that 4th Starsurge I now do the basic rotation of 

Wrath x2






Lunar Strike


I continue like this the full duration of Incarnation until the last 2 seconds then I reapply my dots with all that haste

From here I just continue the rotation above without buffs until Communion + Inc are up again and then I do the same thing again.

My  questions are do I have too much haste or are my stats fine? I see that Icy Veins says never to have twice is much haste as you have crit which I am 326 off from having twice as much unbuffed. However, from my past research, and I haven't researched it since Legion launch, but I was always was told if you could reach a haste breakpoint without sacrificing other stats then do it. I have crit favored  haste/crit pieces to make the swap if I needed more crit because I had too much haste but  I just don't know whether I push the breakpoint (with the food) or drop down a breakpoint and get more crit. My second question is would any of these trinkets(Picture attached below)  help my dps better then the Arcano? I feel if I am dropping haste for more crit then wouldn't Arcano become worse?  I just feel like for how much haste I have I should be pulling higher numbers then I am. If you notice in the logs I am below the other boomy in my guild who has lower haste and he is also using Blessing and not Astral Communion and he is using a trinket that on Sims is lower then my Sims using Arcano. I just don't know wether I am doing something wrong and he just outdpses me because of the raw intellect increase.


To sum it all up here is the info I need to know:

1. Do I have too much haste?

2. What trinkets are the better combination?

3. Astral Communion or Blessing?

4. Why am I doing less dps with higher stats and 2 dps legendaries then a druid with just more intellect and 1 dps legendary?

5. How can I fix my rotation if it needs it at all.

I'm doing something wrong and I know it, I just don't know what it is.

My trinks.png

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Not sure why you are posting here, your logs seems just fine, nice rankings there!

I main a boomie, but I am also readleading at the same time, so don't look too much into my logs :)
I do, however, normally find time to get a good opener in before shit hits the fan, so maybe you can use my input to something.

You post does deserve a response though, so here goes:

On drakes, when Incarnation ends, I am normally around 800k, and from there it just goes downhill pretty fast due to no focus on rotations.

If this link works, you might be able to see it: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/a6DyBxFK9VXHbNJT#fight=8&type=damage-done&start=3279280&end=3311457

Then take a look at this (by no means perfect!) opening rotation: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/a6DyBxFK9VXHbNJT#fight=8&type=casts&start=3279280&end=3311457&source=8&view=timeline

Regarding trinkets, you got so many!
I have no math behind this, but I would say Arcano Crystal and prolly either Naraxas or your Moonlit Prism..
But Chrono Shard is also awesome.

Edit: Just saw that you are using an 880 Plaguehive, prolly stick with that :)

Best of luck trying to do moar deeps!


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