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marks dps problems

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I cant seem to do good dps. or good percentile dps. I'm playing marks correctly as far as i can tell but I barely score above 50% percentile or even 40%.


here's the log for a heroic xavius I just did.

here's the rest of the group

here's my armoury link

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I didn't really look at Xavius because you didn't cleave whore the tentacles at the end, so your damage is going to suck. That and DPS for that fight depends on if you got the corruption buff or not.  I looked at Ursoc, however.

It looks like you have no burst.  Make sure that you pop a Deadly Grace at 3 seconds, Windburst at 2 seconds, and the Windburst will hit the boss right on 1. This way you open with Windburst and go straight into your regular opener with Vulnerable applied. 

To compound this issue, you don't have any points in the Quick Shot trait yet.  On your Ursoc kill, the fight lasted 2:59, so without the trait you cannot get another Trueshot in like most other MM hunters.   Normally you'd use Trueshot right after your pre-cast Windburst as part of your opener and then again right around the time most guilds lust and the boss is under 30% to stack your crit. On Xavius, you only used 1 Trueshot, on Dragons, you got to use 2 of them, but the 2nd one was so late that you didn't get full effect out of it.

It seems like you know your class well enough as your Aimed Shot count is about where other hunters in your iLvL bracket are casting.  I believe that once you get some Trueshot CD reduction, you'll do a lot better.  

If you want to discuss it, hit me up in game, Brownbutt-Cho'gall

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