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Elemental Aoe question

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i couldnt figure out the best way to aoe, should i just be chain lighting with earthquakes? or should i be putting up flameshocks up too? if so how many shocks should i put up and should lava bursts procs be used on aoe as well? ><

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In my line of work, just about every question gets the same answer.....

It Depends (tm).


Some AOE fights are around a main target (think boss with adds, for example. Or group with single-target priority). In these cases, you're likely best off using a normal rotation with Chain Lightning filling in for Lightning Bolt (although if multiple targets need to go down fast, replace Earth Shock with Earthquake as well). In these cases you could consider Flaming up all targets to get more procs but this will only be useful if there aren't too many AOE targets and if they're likely to hang around a bit.

On pure AOE groups I usually only FlameShock them up if there aren't too many. Otherwise you lose too much time that could be spent Earthquaking. On larger groups, just activate your artifact, Chain Lightning and EarthQuake them. Remember that you generate more maelstrom the more targets you hit. I've had fights where one Chain Lightning filled up my bar, casting 2 quakes for each chain...

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