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Haste break Points question

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At what gear/item level do Resto druid go for the next haste break point? And what is the next haste break point I should aim at? or is best to stay at first break point of 3043

At moment I'm item level 519 no tier 15 set bonus.( been unlucky with rolls). I'm currently using normal tier 14 two set bonus ( I full have upgraded these pieces.) I am mostly focused on tank healing with splash over to the raid as need.

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If i recall, it does pay to go at higher gear levels... but probably not yours yet -

especially since the extra tick with Rejuv and the 4set synergy well.

but you are getting there look into it at ilvl 525 - at that point you should also have trouble reforging OUT of the haste to stay near the lower cap.

tbh, it also depends how many of your hots do actual healing for the full duration, vs getting sniped by other healers.

(I notice my healing is MUCH greater vs overheal when i run 10 man with a disc priest than with a shamman/pally. - with no difference in how hard i find the healing the raid is)

when you say you mostly focused on the tank... a) why?

b <edit so not stupid icon> ) does this mean you are regularly hard casting HT on them? (or just the standard LB, rejuv, SM, with regrowth for spike dmg or when CC/meta procs) as yes indeed, heal style will also greatly affect haste breakpoints.

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Thanks for the reply Finnmaccool,

To answer your question our raid group go with three healers. Healing assignment are lose but are as follows, I'm on one tank , shaman on the other tank and a holy priest on raid if someone dangerous low heal them of course regardless of assignments. We go we three healers as all members of our raid group are based outside the USA and most raid members sit at 200 or above latency. So people will stand in stuff a few seconds longer and health pools may not always show what they actual are, this is why having healing assignments works for us.

My rotation is as follows LB, rejuv, SM, regrowth if a clear casting proc's or meta , natures swiftness and healing touch for spike damage, Wild growth if there raid wide incoming damage. I never hard cast healing touch and wild growth is not cast often.

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