Holy vs. Disc Healing

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Hi guys,

I picked the Priest with the new Patch and as you all know do you have different weapons for every spec. My dayli playtime isnt that high, that i could instant push two of them. So here is my question.
If I want to switch between PvP and PvE, which spec is more effective?

I've red, that holy is more for PvE and Disc ist PvP. Is it possible to play on a higher lvl with the "wrong" spec too or are they too limited, to keep up in the Endcontent?


Thanks for ur Help :)

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Really, as always, it's up to you, but I can give advice.  I only PvE, so here's what I know about the two specs in PvE.

Holy is the more common and easier spec for most group content, i.e. raids and dungeons: just heal.  Disc is a much harder spec to use in most groups now, because you have to balance between healing and doing damage, and doing damage to heal.  However, Disc is one of the best, if not the best, healers in the game for Mythic+ dungeons because of its dual functionality of damage + healing small groups.

In addition, Disc priest is now one of the easiest solo/lvling specs in the game.  Seriously, when I play right with my priest on Disc I can take a half-dozen mobs fairly easily.  It's not fast, but being able to bubble and heal yourself while nuking enemies down is huge; and it is VERY SLOW but you can literally solo any normal rare or elite by doing nothing more than spamming Smite.

Again, since I don't do PvP, I don't know how much better Disc is than Holy for that.  But overall I'd say, if you mostly want to run dungeons and raid on the PvE side and don't care how you do it, I'd go Holy and make do with it for PvP.  If you want to do better in PvP, or you like the challenge of making Disc work, or you want to experience the solo content, or grind out the highest lvl Mythic+, then Disc might be right for you.

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Holy just isn't very good in PvP right now.  It can be done, sure, but you need to be very good.

Discipline is probably the best spec in both PvE and PvP.  

Holy happens to be much easier and is still very good in PvE though, so they're very commonly used anyway.  In the end, fact is that they bring less to a raid than a Disc does currently so very good guilds are usually bringing Disc priests.  Disc does require a lot of finesse to play in PvE though, so it's really not for everyone.  In PvE most guilds will take you if you can pull decent heal numbers and both specs are more than capable of that.

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