Frost Mage - Cast cancelling for proc use.

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My current armory: http://us.battle.net...h/Emalde/simple

As a frost mage, there are many times, courtesy of Frost Orb and Nether Tempest/Living Bomb, where we generate procs of Brain Freeze or Fingers of Frost while we're in the process of casting Frostbolt. Depending on where in the cast we get the proc, there are times where we'll end up generating a second - or a third, or a fourth - before we finish our cast.

My question is, when does it profit us, in terms of DPS, to interrupt our Frostbolt cast to use the proc? Presumably if the FB is under half a second or so it's probably not worth interrupting, but if it happens near the beginning of a cast, is it? Does it depend on buffs? Do the Frostbolt debuff stacks, or other debuffs on a mob, affect it?

I'm really not sure how to begin mathing this out, and it's probably a relatively small increase regardess, but it's still something I think is worth knowing.

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If we have a look at a HC geared frost mage, whose haste is 50% (the maximum efficient, raid buffed), he is casting FBs with 1 second casting speed.

That means, you have 7 ticks of Nether tempest, or 3 ticks of Living Bomb.

Nether tempest will tick every ~1,71 seconds, whilst LB will tick every 4 seconds.

Brain Freeze procs, when NT or LB deals damage to your target. Meaning that, you can cast 1 or 3 FBs safely before wasting the proc.

Fingers of Frost is procced by FFB FB and Frozen Orb and also have 2 charges. Meaning that, if you always use them up between 2 FB casts you will be fine.

All in all, if you use all procs up instantly there shouldn't be any problem and thus you shouldn't interrupt FB ever. Moreover, if you start casting, you not only start the Frostbolt cast time, but you will also get a one second long Global CD, meaning that it doesn't matter if FB has 0,5 sec casting time or 1 sec long, you will want to finish that cast, because basically during that 1 sec you cannot cast anything.

It doesn't really depend on buffs. FoF, BF and FB all benefit from buffs, so you will still want to prioritize the procs.

FB debuff stacks up to 3 times. You should try to get that 3 stacks up as soon as possible, but you should still use your procs up.

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