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Fury dps improvement help.

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Good day,

Trying to maximize my Fury dps as the few times I've tried Arms it's bored me to tears.

Not in cutting edge progress guild or anything but every bit will help with Trials hc I suspect as some of our raiders are particularly casual.

Please find below armory and log links and hopefully someone can make a few positive critisisms or share light on something I might be doing wrong.

Mostly follow IV rotations thought there's a few scenarios where I'm unsure of the best order of ability use around the end of BC or avoiding rage cap with rampage while enraged and RB off CD.

Also having a hard time deciding on trinkets, assuming modelling of AMR sims isn't accurate and there's a lot of options (think I've got something like 15 850-870 trinkets currently in bags).

Armory - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tarren-mill/Psykø/simple **Talents will be out as been clearing old content

Logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xN9ngMvVd8JjRZFA

If anyone can direct me to some theory on trinkets I'll not bother writing them all out here but will do if necessary :)

**Final question, does anyone gear radically differently for Mythic+? Higher priorty on mastery or something?


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