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A Pair of questions (Cat)

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Before, hi everyone, just registered, and forgive my english, s'not my mother language.

I'd have questions reguarding a pair of concepts expressed in Feral's guide.

1)I understand that stats priority is calculated via various theorycrafting, simulations and so on, and that i cud be inaccurate depending on many factors, but as a main rule it seems that Haste is always considered most unwanted stat for us.

My question: how's that possible? Blizzard keeps hintin at us (imo) that it shud be valuable, we can see more than one piece of equip wich is obviously for Ferals goin for Haste bonuses (For example the Chatoyance Ring, our legendary, or even the last set bonus from our Class Hall Set). More over, how's that possible considering that it speeds up our energy regeneration, thus allowing more abilities hits?

-and the last consideration leads to my 2nd question:

2)Ill put it simple and stupid to be clear: I dont understand the reasoning behind "pooling energy".

Ofc i understand that you're supposed to have the energy when you need it so that your buffs and/or dots are up, but giving for granted that you're able to manage that, why wud ya want to keep pooling to 50 energy? i mean, as long as you can keep buffs/dots up, using those 50 energy means you gonna be shred more, and more shreds= more dmg+more cp, and more cp means more bites and so again->more dmg.

I see in the guide you even advise to pool to 150 if you're using Chatoyance Ring, and this sounds even more wierd to me for the previous reasons..

So id really be glad to get some extended explanations about why i shud keep pooling energy.

Last, i just got my Chatoyance ring, and id appreciate if you cud also tell me if using that ring is supposed to make differences reguardin Haste value and pooling energy, so, reguardin my 2 questions.


Thank a lot already, lookin forward for your replies

Regards, Armorpepe.

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These are great questions deserving some answers.

1/ tbh I don't know myself, everything is hidden behind maths and boss fight modeling. It's probably very complex. All I can say is that people usually value way too much those guidelines despite the warnings you'll find in the guide. Haste is probably not that bad and its weight may vary depending on the ilevel you have. it extremely rare when you really need to pile up one stat.

2/ you say you understand the requirement to manage buffs and dots, and this is done by pooling energy. Maybe what you failed to understand is that pooling at 50 energy does not mean you never go below 50. It only means that this pool of energy should only be used under certain circumstances: shred, savage roar refresh etc... However you don't go under 50 energy while all your dots and buff are up. You need to resist the urge to generate a combo point ASAP if your energy is low, otherwise you may end up with 5 combo points and will want to use a crappy finisher (or refresh shred that is not about to expire)

Also note that pooling at 50 does not change your energy consumption rate.

 I hope you'll get more experienced insights. I dps in balance mainly but we have a common issue: we need to pool 40 astral power in case we need to move (our only decent instant cast costs 40 AP)

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