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Low DPS as Outlaw

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Hello I am back here again after previous expansion I was struggling with combat but that was solved previously. But now in this expansion pack I am struggling to barley reach 250k DPS. Most of the time I am doing avg 170k DPS barley 200k DPS in Heroic EN.


I am currently in ilvl 858 Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Alrightz/simple

Warcraft Log from last night bosses fights...  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9tVqkZh47Qn1D2KH


I am doing the right rotations following as stealth mfd, RnB 2+ buffs or 1 single buff from BT or Shark Ambush, Pop cds, GS, SS, x5 combos RT, vanish, Ambush and rotate and rebufsf if RnB time expires... repeats rotations...


How I roll bonus is if I have 2+ buffs I'd keep it but if 1 shit buff I'd reroll to get neither +2 or BT/Shark Infested.


In raid one of outlaw Rogue he is currently in ilvl 870 or so doing about 280k DPS or more and as for me I should be pulling about 230k DPS.

Let me know what I am doing wrong...



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A few points:

You had 46 Opportunity procs, but only 27 uses of pistol shot.  That's free CP and damage you're missing out on, which you should make use of as long as you're not in Adren Rush and over 40 energy.

You rolled a single True Bearing buff as your second RtB, and it seems to be during an AOE fight segment (I haven't done Trials), and yet you didn't get enough finishers off to earn an extra use of Adren Rush?  That's a big loss.  Also, logs won't show this but make sure you are properly activating and deactivating Blade Flurry when you are/are not using it so you don't gimp your energy regen on single target or gimp your damage on AOE.

You used Prolonged Power potion instead of Old War.  Sims always assume you are trying 100%, and Prolonged Power potions are not as good as Old War.  You'll need to accept that your theoretical max will decrease if you don't use the best consumables available.

You rolled a 4-buff in the middle of the fight, and either didn't have enough CP before rolling or accidentally overwrote it with another roll.  This hurt you, obviously.  When you rolled it off, you ended up with a single SIW; this is usually OK during cooldown phase because it can be nice to get that higher crit rate when you are spamming skills with no regard for resources anyway, but otherwise you'll still want to fish for two buffs.

I don't main Outlaw, so someone else who does might be able to give you more detailed tips.

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