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Need Help with DPS

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Good Morning,

I just started playing WOW and wanted to get some help with my DPS. I have attached my character in the link below. I have been trying to understand some of the rotations but im more of a visual learner. If someone could help me with what I am doing wrong I would be forever grateful. I was told my stats are okay so I guess my rotation is where I need to focus on.

My signal DPS in Nythendra on Heroic was about 140k which my guild will not keep anyone under 200k.




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We can't tell you what you are doing wrong without a log. Currently, with the information provided, the only thing we know is that you play a Demon Hunter.

Use WarcraftLogs to get a log of yourself playing, then post that in the Demon Hunter forum. That'll get you the most help possible. 

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