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Any kind of soft cap for BM stats?

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Hi I've been following the stat priority from the guide as to tht T as the rng gods will allow the proper loot to drop @856  ilvl sitting at 22% haste and 82% mastery seems kinda like my dps has plateaued in the lowish 200ks usually around 210-220 range does that sound about right?  My hunters name is Mikaila on feathermoon( the first i is alt+0237) the keyboard in the breakroom seems to not have functioning alt keys.  I don't have time to raid much and have had 0 luck even finding a Kara group that isn't demanding well above the Ilvl of the gear drops in the instance.  Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

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Hey Pound, whatsup? :)


Look, there is no such a thing as softcap right now. As a BM you should aim for as much Agility as possible, always trying to combine that with Mastery and Haste; but the thing is: That will not always be a possible thing to do.

Do a double check on how much agility you're standing right now, cuz I'm pretty sure that is the problem for you (assuming that you are following the right rotation and cooldowns usage, ofc). I bet that in some moment of your game-choices u're abdicating Agility upgrades probably in order to maintain such beautiful Mastery and Haste patterns.

For comparison purposes,I'm also a main BM Hunter on the Azralon Server and, by the time I'm posting this, im sitting on 27255 Agility (Without Flask and/or Prolonged Power pot); 64% Mastery (Without food); and 20% Haste. In pure single target situations i manage to stay on 320~330k dps.

(Edit: Adding my Simulation Armory, if u wanna check it out https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/us/azralon/yüden)

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