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[All Realms][A/H] <The Fail Train> NA and Oceanic Team Recruiting!

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You may well have heard of the Fail Train – who are over on the EU servers. Their success has been the inspiration for the creation of the The Fail Train – NA & Oceanic so that like minded players who subscribe to the ethos of The Fail Train can play together. 

This is a cross-realm, cross-faction community where it's perfectly ok to be imperfect (or absolutely rubbish), and where nobody puts anybody down. So no ‘git gud’ no abuse just kindness and patience. 

So what is this about?

Are you worried about ‘screwing up’ and being yelled at? Booted for silly reasons. Not accepted because you are in the catch 22 of ‘link achievement’ or just tired with how unkind people can be in groups. Then this is for you, by people like you.
If you're interested, please drop by our discord channel https://discord.gg/XYcsvTs

If you do, make sure to read the #welcome which is very much based on the ethos as expressed by the Fail Train (EU) and thanks to them for the ideas.

Get in touch

Discord is an independent and free platform. There is therefore no need for anyone to leave their guilds, transfer, level new characters, and it doesn't matter what server people are on.

We use it to let others know we're up for a group/ dungeon / raid. Then, we group up either through battle tags or in the custom group finder.

Want to do normal dungeons – sure, Heroics – yep, Mythics – can do. Raids – in time if we get enough interest.
The channel is very new so there is likely to be some tweaking required. It’s a work in progress – so be kind J 

Discord has a browser version.
Use the web version if you can't be bothered with the app; it does the job just fine (no bnet sync, but that is not required). All you need to do is:
- register and log in
- click the + in the left hand pane -> join channel -> add us https://discord.gg/XYcsvTs
- say hi in #barrens-chat

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