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I am an 875 fire mage, currently progressing on mythic EN 2/7, i do have multiple questions so bare with me


1) I can never find a pawn string (stat weights) that i feel are correct, a lot of the time pawn does advice me to drop items with critical when comparing them with items that are much higher in ilv, i am not sure if i should be doing that or not, if so is there a minimum crit rating that i absolutely shouldn't go below? (i am currently at 55% crit with food buff)

2) What about other stats? how much haste,mastery and vers do i want to have? are there exact numbers i should be aiming for?

3) I do know which relic traits are better for me, however when it comes to comparing traits and ilv at the same time i never know what should i do. so for example how does a 855 pyroclasmic paranoia relic compare to an 880 fire at will relic? and so on

4) just like relics i am lost about trinkets, what should i be seeking? i understand the shock baton is supposed to be BiS but thats at 850ilv, what about higher ilvls?

5) Overall i am not happy with my dps (i wont be happy till i am 99th percentile at least - you know us DPS Whores) so  here is a link to my 2 most recent mythic kills, if someone could advice on what i could do better let me know :)

Elerethe Renferal



Thanks for baring with me, awaiting your responses

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