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"Minimum" Haste on MM?

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Hello Hunters,

I've got a question about the stat priority for my MM hunter. Following the Icy-Veins guide and the included Pawn String I've equiped my Hunter to an item level of 875 so far. Recently I've "lost" a lot of Haste equipping Mastery/Crit items that were better according to Pawn. Right now I'm sitting at 13k Mastery, 5k Crit but only around 3k Haste when the order should be Mastery, Haste, Crit. My rotation feels somewhat slower and I'm afraid my damage could have went down as a result (actually not sure). So my question is if there is something like a minimum amount of Haste I should have. I can still get in two Aimed Shots after using Sidewinders and three after Windburst, but it's very tight. What do you think?

Thank you very much for any help :)

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Yes, there is a "cap" haste although i do not understand why it's not mentioned anywhere. You should have at least 11-13% of haste (depending on your "skills", or how fast you could press your rotation) in order you place additional Sidewinders (not proced) during BL while Trueshot is active and be comfortable to use "two Aimed Shots after using Sidewinders and three after Windburst" .

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