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Enh - Help with Sim-C

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Let me first note I am not a Shaman player so forgive my general ignorance. My friend is a Mythic Prog. raider who plays Enh, he has me do sims for him to verify possible changes, mostly because I have a thing for numbers and data...and a really good computer to run it all. Tonight he asked me to check stat prios for him, since another guild shaman has now swapped to Haste > Mastery due to a trinket (He didnt specify, but I believe it is Appendages). So I load up his profile, plus a default one for comparisons, run it with scaling on Crit Haste Mastery and Vers just to be thorough. No matter what sim I run, any profile regardless of iLvl and trinket choice I get the same results: Haste > Vers >= Mast > Crit. Being the Spec ignorant player that I am, I cannot offer up why this would be, as he tells me it should be Mast > Haste always, though he postulates that Haste should now win with Appendages equipped, but he still only knows one shaman running Haste as the primary over Mastery.


Any insight would be great.

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Appendages is a big mastery boost, but really it just comes down to this. Eventually you have enough mastery, a soft cap. and once you reach that other stats such as haste start to pull ahead in terms of value. You have to thread a fine line of keeping your mastery high enough to make more haste valuable.

 I would say about 70% mastery is time to go haste, but you should sim it all to be sure.

He is wrong about it being concrete mast> haste for life.

Hell high enough haste = agi > mast  almost

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