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Balance Druid Help. Why am I bad?

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Hey there. I've been reading quite a bit a trying to make my rotation better. I'm unsure why I seem to be doing so very badly when I am following the guides as far as stat priority and rotation go. I'd imagine that I would be doing a mediocre performance, but the logs say that I am very far below average. 

Logs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/19165523/10/

Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Kailek/simple

I'll try to keep moonfire and sunfire up on my targets that will live longer than 10 seconds.

I use Moonmoon when it is ready. Doesn't seem that I have anything aside from potions that I should be saving it for. 

I use Starsurge when I am around 70 AP and never cap AP.

I use Solar Wrath as a filler.

I use Lunar Strike when I have three stacks of empowerment. 


I'm usually 5th on the dps charts in my raid but my best Perf. Avg. in the logs is 14. There has got to be some seriously untapped potential that I am missing. Halp plzzz.

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I had similar issues a little while ago. You are running too much mastery, you need to get more haste. Also, make sure to try and keep your stacks of empowerment more equal. If you are using solar wrath as filler while sitting with 2 or 3 lunar empowerments, you are wasting dps. Also, trinkets are huge too. Try to go for swarmng plaguehive, devilsaur shock baton and naraxas' spiked tongue. And don't neglect your weapon, do any WQs that have relics for the chance they will war or titan forge.

Here's my armory if you wanna take a look: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Eviltenchi/simple

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What exactly is warcraftlogs comparing your damage against when it places you in the bottom 12th percentile? It says "Compared against Rankings" but where does your damage compare against other balance druids of similar ilvl? 

That seems like a better measuring stick measure your performance against. 

Tons of people go into raids with FoTM or high damage specs and not a lot of logs get uploaded for unpopular raid specs like survival hunter so even in fights where Balance is dead middle of the pack that doesn't mean you beat 50% of raiders who were seen in logs. 

They might have 50,000 fire mages but like 1,500 survival hunters in raid parses so if your damage falls somewhere between them you beat only 3% of the people. 

If you ranked in the bottom 12% of Moonkins with similar ilvl that means something entirely different. Personally I have to farm for more haste gear even with lower ilvl because I have had really bad RNG trying to find gear with haste. It seems like I am downing in crit gear drops this expac.

It sucks not having reforge but I think the stat weight for haste drops a bit after soft cap so hopefully in 7.2 an onward I won't have cases where gear 50 ilvl lower is considered an upgrade because of better secondary stats. I have 2 legendaries and my haste is only 20%. 


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I encourage you to look into what's wrong but keep in mind that :

1/ usually people/guilds who care about uploading logs are usually slightly more skilled (one thing they do is that they analyse logs). Meaning if you rank median, it probalby means you are above the average.

2/ ranking heavily depends on the duration of the fight. They are thresholds.  Some class have a constant dps, other are more bursty. Balance druid heavily relies on it's offensive cooldown. They are very powerful. A balance druid DPS on a 3:30 fight is way better than in a 3:00 fight.

Something you didn't mention that is worth investigating: do you properly use incarnation ?  You have to use it during the BL, with potions active, and if possible the troll racial (15% haste). Hopefully the BL wil lbe used at a time where you can burst like crazy. Any useable trinket should be used during incarnation. If you do it right, you'll have your best 30 sec of a lifetime ;)


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This is all very helpful. Thank you so much! Very cool that people in this community are willing to take a look, think about advice, and type something up. Again, thank you! 

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