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Fire Mage H ToT Performance

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Hey guys,

Wanted to post my armory and some logs to get some feedback in case you see any glaring errors. My ilvl for the logs I'm posting was 530, but on that raid I got the heroic flamecaster crown and heroic wand off Horridon, which are now equipped.

I believe my dps is OK, with definite room for improvement, but I'd like some advice on how to really maximize. On a previous post Oltier had a good point on H Jin'rokh about standing there casting (with a ball on you) until you absolutely need to blink away at the last moment. I guess I start moving and just scorch with the ball too often.

I pre-pot, try to use AT, PoM, and combustion whenever possible, but I think that's where my missing dps could come from. I stole the combust macro from a top pvp fire mage and it goes something like "/ cast AT / cast Pyroblast / cast PoM"

I use that when I have HU + HS procs. The rotation I try to get is: Hit that Macro, use my 1st Pyro! proc, hopefully the HU becomes my 2nd Pyro!, PoM the 3rd pyro, AT again to get my 4th Pyro!, hopefully turn HU to my 5th Pyro! and then PoM the 6th pyro, then combust. I know that last PoM pyro won't have 25% crit bonus, in which case it's worth it to combust before it, but most times I'm too busy spamming my pyro button or watching out for raid mechanics too notice when I'm out of Pyro!'s and about to comsume the PoM. Any ideas? Anyone have a better tried and true macro to use?

Also I recently posted that fire dps in H Horridon was very comparible to other specs, granted you get good combusts off, but last night I found myself struggling to keep pace. Granted it didn't help that I got the Direhorn Spirit FIRST, but does anyone have any fire tips/suggestions for maximizing dps?

Anyway, here's my armory and latest logs from last night's raid. I know my wand isn't enchanted, I JUST got it, haha. Still waiting for the sha crystals from the g bank.

Armory: apparently I logged off in pvp gear, so yea.. http://us.battle.net...oulcraft/simple

Logs: http://worldoflogs.c...yse2zcrx6uwfvv/

P.S. - I d/c'd right off the bat for H Jin'rokh, so that's not entirely accurate!

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Here is a previous post I made about how to setup big combustions:

Combustion Generator

1. Get a heating up proc (this can be from your opening hard cast pyro or from fireball)

2. Cast fireball and queue Inferno blast - The inferno blast will hit first granting you a Pyro! proc.

3. Cast fireball until you have both a Pyro! proc and a Heating Up proc.

4. Cast fireball and hit your Alter Time macro right at the end of the cast. - Look for it here.

5. Cast Pyroblast till you use up all the Pyro! procs and your POM pyro.

6. Cancel Alter Time

7. Cast Pyroblast till you use up all the Pyro! procs again and your POM pyro.

8. As your POM pyro is in the air use combustion (typically) - see below.

If you don't have high crit levels you may want to cast combustion at any point in time during that sequence when your ignite is stacked high. (you will simply have to experiment with the right value for you). Also keep in mind when setting up a big combustion like this it is sometimes correct to refresh your bomb early so as not to mess up this "Combustion Generator" combo. Also if your bomb falls off in the middle of this combo, do not refresh it till after combustion.

I couldn't see your pve gear but if you haven't, shoot for this stat priority:

Fire mage stat priority currently is Intellect > 15% Hit > Crit > 5036 Haste > Mastery > Haste

A couple of our other members can dive into fight specific details.

Hope that helps.

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Yeaah, you should use the "Combustion Generator" mentioned by Vladamyr. Although, the 6. step is rather

"Use the Alter Time Macro again" instead of Cancel Alter Time ;)

According to your issue with PoM Pyroblast. Yep, that last Pyro can easily fuck your Ignite up. It was an issue for me for the first time, but I configured WeakAuras to track it. Everytime PoM is active, it will display an icon above your castbar, and when PoM fades (when you use up your PoM Pyroblast) it uses an animation to disappear, effectively grabbing my attention. Optionally you can also add a siren sound or something to it. Here's my current WeakAuras setting for PoM, yo that you can Import it into yours. :)


This way, you will be able to hit combustion button. Especially if you use the

#showtooltip Combustion/stopcasting/cast Combustion

macro as well.

Additional tip. Delay your Combustion Generator for when you have strong trinket procs. However, it should not be delayed by a lot. Maximum 10-15 seconds I'd say.

One more additional tip that helped me a lot. If you have any warriors in your raid group, talk to them and kindly ask them, to use Skull Banner on your request. You can awesomely line up Skull Banner with Combustion Generator rotation (both being on ~3 mins CD). You can again use Weakauras to track when Skull Banner is up. They are told anyway in our guides to

  • Posted ImageSkull Banner should be used as many times as possible throughout the fight, but keep in mind that the rest of your raid should benefit from this as well.
About Horridon. You should use a /target macro with your Mage Bomb on your direhorn spirit or whatever it is. Mage bomb, because you don't have to face towards your target with it and it is instant cast.

About combustion on that fight... You have 2 choices. Use Combustion after everytime Horridon ran into a door+on pull. OR, use it when 2 bigger adds spawn on each door. The problem with the second is, there is nothing to guarantee that you will be able to spread combustion to these adds. I would just go for multidotting Horridon+big adds, combust on Horridon after everytime he ran into a door, and just "Heating up trick" down the big adds. with some multidoting, fireballs etc.

One more thing! Go for Nether Tempest, and dot up everything with it! Really! It will do the most damage for you on that fight.... :D Living bomb is only viable on single target encounters.

Overall, you are right. Your biggest issue as I can see, are your combustions. you should sit down in front of the training dummies and spend like 1 hour doing your normal rotation with getting as good Combustions as possible. I am not kidding.. :D Once you get familiar enough with the combustion rotation without looking at your actionbars, you will be fine :)

Combustionhelper addon could help you as well. You can set an Ignite threshold up and it will only glow greenishly, when you have the demanded ammount of Ignite on the target.

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