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BM DPS plataeu?

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Hello fellow hunters, was kind of wondering if anyone else is "plateauing" with their DPS? I play an Alliance Pandaren BM hunter on Icecrown named Helim (no funky letters). Im sitting at 862 ilvl, 27% crit, 17% haste, 76% mastery, 24,819 Agility. When on a Raiders Targeting Dummy at the lodge and DPSing until about 100 mil total damage done I was at 220k DPS. Then i got an 855 Bloodthirsty Trinket (Icyveins listed BiS) and yet my DPS hasnt seemed to move, am I speccing or doing something wrong?

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I would say you might want to check what choices you have otherwise made?

I am a troll BM hunter at ilvl 854, but i have 24500 agi and > 79% mastery, and my haste is way lower at 12.99%.  Your stats seem a bit low for ilvl 862 /shrug?  You may want to get the neck enchant for Mastery > Mark of the Trained Soldier.

Granted, I only did 224k on Ursoc (the new Patchwerk), but I am interested in your query because I do not want to plateau either, and..., my Marks setup would take a great deal more time to get Artifact level up as well I'd have to retool some gear items, and for sure new gems/enchants, etc... 

I have heard (though, again, that's why I'm looking for others' asking same question) that Marks scales much better at the point you and I are at now... "supposedly" Marks scales higher at end game (except maybe AoE, and certainly on single target).  At that point, A) listen to what your guildies might say -> though take with a grain of salt, and instead "test" which can get expensive if you don't have a Jewelcrafter, and Enchanter.  I also would make sure you do like for like testing re: ensure you have all the best and appropriate Flasks, Food and Runes.  All those things add up...  I make sure I level my Alchemist, Enchanter and get my own cooking up as high as I can get food on my own toon.

Lastly, remember..., DPS is "not" everything... BM gives you 100% freedom of movement which is much more important in raiding versus outdoor/dung content.  Being able to apply your best "damage" during the entire fight is 10x more important that if you're dead 30 seconds in because you didn't move from fire cuz "I just gotta get one more Aimed Shot in before... oops, im dead".

That's why for years now... since Ulduar and Icecrown I only keep my Skada/Recount meters up on "damage" as opposed to "DPS".

Oh, also... You will want to replace that other trinket (or swap with the other one you previously replaced?)  Something like the Six-Fingered Fan, Eye of Guarm if you can get it, or like i got this Forest Creeper's Guile from a WQ/WQ emissary box?  But it has Agi/Crit and that's all, but I think when it "pops", it can do random enchant to Mastery, and there is one of those trinkets for each faction, so no matter what, just check which faction is currently dropping a trinket (it will be "level appropriate" so i assume ~860 probably? unless you get lucky and get one that pops war/titanforged).

**Second edit, sorry, I didn't say this explicitly... Beast "Master" is all about Mastery.  But I would "not" depend upon a trinket's main stat giving you that Mastery.  That means the other gear youre wearing isnt' giving you enough.  Focus on all other items' enchants/gems, etc.  I just read there is no soft or hard cap for Mastery for BM hunter, so... stack that shizz up!  You power comes directly from your pet(s, if you include dire beast/beast cleave/stomp, etc.. again, it all adds up).  Mastery is the number one modifier for increasing your damage as BM.

Great list of trinkets > https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/beast-mastery-hunter-pve-dps-gear-legendaries-best-in-slot But I think you arleady knew that from your OC.



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