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Disc Priest Mythic+?

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I've heard mixed things about Disc Priests. Some say garbage, and then some sau it's great. Had one guy tell me it was one of the top healers for Mythic+. I'd like some thoughts on this? 

I have a Druid already and am doing Mythics with it. I just want a 2nd healer to do something different now and then. I'm debating between Pally and Disc Priest. Thanks.

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the answer regarding Disc Priests in M+ is complicated a bit.

This class performance greatly depends on the player's knowledge and ability to play right. You'll hardly find an average disc, they are rather performing great or very poor. I think that I wouldn't mistake saying that no M+ PuG would take a disc as a healer, even that in a premade group with specific comp they will do just fine.

Technically there's no difference on low M+ (2-5) what healing class to take - all of them are able to heal the damage and do 3 chests runs.

When we go higher adding the second affix, disc starts to fall back being removed from most of PuGs and hardly being taken to premade ones. As I already said, a good disc is able to heal high M+ but this has to be a constant group with a specific composition (dps with selfhealing abilities and a tank whose HP doesn't jump up and down due to their class mechanics).

If we'll look at M+ runs statistic for all the healing classes (from Warcraft logs for the last 2 weeks), this is how it looks:

+2 runs: +5 runs: +7 runs: +10 runs: +15 runs:
Resto Druid: 637 Resto Druid: 716 Resto Druid: 1125 Resto Druid: 443 Resto Druid: 37

Holy Paladin: 534

Holy Paladin: 527 Holy Paladin: 690 Holy Paladin: 282 Holy Paladin: 14
Resto Shaman: 374 Resto Shaman: 413 Resto Shaman: 632 Resto Shaman: 235 Resto Shaman:   11
Holy Priest: 341 Holy Priest: 356 Holy Priest: 436 Holy Priest: 166 Holy Priest: 6
MW Monk:  243 MW Monk:  233 MW Monk:  293 MW Monk:    93 MW Monk:  5
Disc Priest: 242 Disc Priest:  180 Disc Priest:  312 Disc Priest:  107 Disc Priest:  5

Remember, it's not the performance but the amount of logged runs done by a specific healing classes.

As you can see, a Resto Druid is the most demandable healer for M+ on all the levels, Holy Paladin and Resto shaman are dividing the 2nd place (depends on weekly affixes), Holy Priest is being taken to low runs but drops drastically after +7, while both Disc Priests and MW Monks being far far behind.

There is a great disparity between a Druid/Pala/Shaman group and Disc/Monk group with a Holy Priest floating between them. 

I would seriously suggest you to go for a Holy Pala if you are not a long term Disc player because, as I already said, you have to be an exceptional disc just to be on-pair with a regular Druid/Pala/Shaman healer.

I personally run M+ on a Resto Shaman, did +12 so far and will push to +15 on this weekend. The runs are comfortable to heal so far, both in mana management and throughput. I did ask my guildies how it feels to run with a Disc Priest, the most of answers were: "Was dying a lot" ^^

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I think the other thing to just remember here is that the difference between a good and bad Resto Druid is MUCH smaller than the difference between a good and bad Disc Priest.

When your Disc Priest isn't doing their job properly, you will know about it a lot faster than with a Druid.

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