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Assas looking for improvement

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Im looking to improve my dps, and the only way i can do that right now is asking better players for help and insight.

Im also a littlebit uncertain about gear and stats because icy veins, shadowcraft and askmrrobot all recommend different stats and gear pieces.

With crit food and eye of command stacked up i got around 48% crit. 

How good is the  Jeweled Signet of Melandrus 10% autoattack dmg for assas rogues?  

So what can i improve on both my rotation and stats? Do i have gear to go AP or do i need more mastery?




Here are my two latest logs for HC EN:




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Honestly not sure whether to go AP or not. Your  performance is generally pretty good - EP uptime is great, and although your bleeds could use some work they aren't awful.

It really depends how much Mastery you can get your hands on - I see many people hitting a sweet spot around 110-115% where AP ends up being better, but that's based on observation more than anything scientific due to how dynamic stat weights are

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Different sims will always give varying performance but in general just go for 43% crit unbuffed, and the rest into mastery.


Jeweled Signet is good unless you have a high item level crit+mastery ring to replace it with, again sim to see the actual dps results. Jeweled Signet as an effect is much more beneficial for outlaw who auto attack a lot more, for assass its just a nice thing to have but not hugely gamebreaking. In general it still can beat out other rings if they are not crit+mastery and especially if they have haste as haste sucks.


You have ample agility to go into the AP build now, remember to only use AP on pure ST fights and on add switching fights use Exsanguinate as it is better.

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