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veteran melee dps player needs feral help

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Hello, i have some questions about raiding as a kitty dps, here is my armory link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dalaran/Põtatocat/simple 

Im using x3 rip as a relic set up, one is 825 the other two are in the 700s. My opener is to pre cast for blood talons into a rake opening to break stealth use tigers fury then pop ash bite to get a 5 point savage roar rolling, i then spam shred till 4 cp and pop a heal for blood talons to rake making it 5 cp then drop rip with the bt buff's last stack. I have seen my dps spike close to 300k opening if i can get everything up and weave in fb's with the bt buff on my finishers. However i find my self sub 200k just keeping up dots with bt on them rolling and not able to maximize bites. I read that lunar inspiration is 2 to 3 percent ahead on damage but my preference is for blood scent on no add fights and predator in 5 mans or add fights. I also didnt know if things like haste crit had a soft cap i wasn't aware of. 


Sorry for how this written, im using a dying phone to compose it.

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